[Admin/Sec] TNT Scream - Prevents Blocks w/ global warning

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    TNT SCREAM -0.3rb

    I know, it's been done countless times by other plugins but I'm a new developer with both Java and Bukkit API so here is my very first plugin to show that I CAN DO IT! YAY! CEEEEEELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, C'MON!....


    It basically nerfs TNT, completely! When a player places a block of TNT, it auto-cancels the placement and screams at the player AND NOW also sends out a global chat message warning the server which user(s) are trying to use/place illegal blocks. It also blocks the trigger or "priming" of tnt via levers and such. Also levers can not be turned on then TNT placed as the wonderful people at Bukkit Dev took care of that bug for us all :)
    Semi-useless as there is countless other plugins but you could test it out on your server and let me know if you run into any problems. Should work with 1.2.4 as well! I'll be adding more and more features, commands, toggles and even configuration file so that server owners/admins can choose what they want enabled/disabled and even customize the messages SCREAMED at the player.
    This is also kinda useful for servers that do not want to nerf creeper explosions to terrain and such and just want to disable TNT all together! Now you don't have to nerf all explosions, just disable TNT!

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    Now per user request, TNT Scream now talks for the person placing illegal blocks. So that when they try to place illegal blocks, it will globally announce it to the whole server as if the player is typing it. i.e. if never2nv tries to place tnt, the tnt block placement/priming will be cancelled and a global message as never2nv will be shouted out as <never2nv>: Hey, I just tried to place TNT! It will ALSO keep the classic method of screaming at the player privately. :p
    Bedrock has been disabled as well for those servers that allow creative users or just know when even ops/mods place bedrock. Default bedrock has been disabled. In the next update, I will be ALLOWING the placement of lava through lava bucket and the use of Flint and Steel, but the global message will be sent out, but instead of "I tried to place xx" it says "I have placed lava" or "I have sparked a fire with Flint and Steel!" etc.


    There are none, simple right?


    • Add configuration setup.
    • Add commands w/ in-game toggles.
    • Add feature to allow TNT but only so many places/primes at once as to not lag the server.
    • Autokick feature after so many attempts.

    • Place TNTScream.jar in your Minecraft/plugins folder and run the server or /reload all.
    • That's it! Simple! Once done it will disable the placement and charging/priming/activating of TNT globally!
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    Please put a suppirting RB.

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