[ADMIN/SEC] StealthLogin v1.1.1 - Hide your joins and quits! [1000]

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  1. Download link is broken.

    Edit: Link working now. Thanks
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    downloaad link broken
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    Also be useful if a permission was added that allows people to see join and quits no matter what

    preferrably in a different color so that people will know a stealth join happened with a different message so they dont give the game away.

    is it open source, id love to help out and submit some work on this.

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    It's licensed under the BSD-New license and is available on GitHub: https://github.com/AllGamer/StealthLogin

    Feature requests should be submitted in the JIRA installation as mentioned in the OP.

    If you add something submit a pull request and we will take a look at it. Also feel free to join us in the irc channel on irc.rawrirc.net channel #craftrepo
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    Can you update this? On my server, it says it's outdated.
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    It is up to date. Logs would be useful...
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    The download link seems to be timing out...
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    Resolved. Also, backup link will be added to the OP
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    Hey guys! :)
    Just stopping by to let you know this is working great (StealthLogin 1.1.1) on my CB #860!
    Keep up the great work! Much thanks for this plugin.
    Logins are still stealth, all is good.
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    sigh...default op please?:rolleyes:
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    so few people want this... as most people are using a permissions system. It supports both of the major systems.
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    i know, but i hate permissions[creeper], pretty please?:rolleyes:
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    If you do this, make it only if permissions doesn't exist on the server.
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    that's how most plugins I use work. I've only worked with plugins a little but i know that doing op and permissions is as hard as sh*t
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    Please add a feature request. That is what the issue tracker is for... This will let our Devs see that the feature is wanted and will make short work of it being added.
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    That doesn't do quite what i wanted [​IMG] I mean Its great but can you make something like this for me?

    The plugin should disable all logging in, a user should be able to type for example /hideplayers and they wont see the quit and join message. This just blocks it all together.
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    We'd love to help, but I couldn't make heads or tails of what you are asking for. Are you wanting to hide your logins from certain players?
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    I think what he wants is a way for players who don't want to see the messages for logins and logouts to just type a command and then they don't see any at all. At least that's the way I read it. Btw, does this work with permissions 3.0 at all or am I just doing it wrong?
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    permissions 3.x please.
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    I've got this working on Permissions 3.1.5b on CB860

    Edit: Also working on CB928
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    download link broken again? D:
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    broken for 1.7 (bukkit 953) looking for "player_join"

    needs update please.
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    Can you update this to 1000 and can you also add functionality so users don't show up on /who & /list?
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    Shows up as out of date in the bukkitupdate list, even tho my version matches latest build.. hmm
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    Internal version number is still listed as 1.1.0 so it confuses updater plugins. Please update to 1.1.1. :)
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    well having old title actually is the reason to move it to inactive
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    I installed this plugin and now this is spamming the console:
    19:18:49 [WARNING] Kalais was kicked for floating too long!
    19:18:49 [INFO] [StealthLogin] Kalais was kicked quietly!

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