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    SafeWorld - An all around basic world protection system.
    Version: v1.3.0

    Includes: SafeWorldLogs, SafeWorldAntiGrief, SafeWorldNewPlayerControl (All in one zip)

    Requirements: Vault

    Download Latest: SafeWorld v1.3.0

    NOTICE: Safe World has been split into three separate plugins. The old SafeWorld folder is not used!

    Please Note: I will not be posting updates here any longer. Please go to BukkitDev for future updates.

    Safe World's main goal is to protect your world from player and mob grief. Currently, Safe World uses three main systems:

    - Add a command that lets players report a grief/issue at their current location​
    - Add console commands to change config settings.​
    - Notify which plugin was updated.​
    - Make suggestions below! Keep in mind, this plugin is about protect the world... so please keep suggestions to that.​

    Known Bugs:
    If found, please post bugs on my BukkitDev page.​

    Version 1.3.0: (9/15/2012)​
    - Compiled against Bukkit 1.3.1R-0.​
    Past Changes (open)

    Version 1.3.0: (9/15/2012)​
    - Compiled against Bukkit 1.3.1R-0.​
    Version 1.2.2: (8/07/2012)​
    - Compiled against Bukkit 1.3.1R-0.​
    Version 1.2.1: (7/31/2012)​
    - Added Multi-World Support.​
    Version 1.2.0: (7/18/2012)​
    - Fixed false "New version available" messages... again​
    Version 1.1.9: (7/14/2012)​
    - Fixed unworking nodes: sw.noblock.lavabucket and sw.noblock.waterbucket​
    - Hopefully fixed false "New version available" messages​
    Version 1.1.8: (6/24/2012)​
    - Config change: ArchiveOnMegaByteSize changed to ArchiveOnKiloByteSize.​
    Version 1.1.7: (6/23/2012)​
    - Fixed SafeWorld always reported new version when there was not.​
    - Added custom metrics graphing.​
    Version 1.1.6: (6/21/2012)​
    - Fixed logs being mixed up.​
    Version 1.1.5: (6/19/2012)​
    - Fixed dirt placement bug.​
    - Fixed a permissions issue.​
    Version 1.1.3: (6/7/2012)​
    - Was A dud... scratched!​
    Version 1.1.2: (6/7/2012)​
    - Now archives logs​
    - Now notifies all OPs and admins of new versions​
    Version 1.1.1: (6/5/2012)​
    - Added Metrics​
    Version 1.1: (6/3/2012)​
    - Bug fix: cast error on EnderDragons​
    - Bug fix: cast error on arrows​
    Version 1.0 - Released (6/2/2012)​

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    New version available: See change log above: Found Here
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    Another update!
    • Can now archive logs when they reach a specific megabyte size.
    • Added config option to set the megabyte size of archived logs. If set to zero, no archiving will take place.
    • Safe World now checks for new versions of itself and will notify all OPs and people with sw.admin permission.
    • Added config option to configure how often Safe World checks for new versions.
    • Added config to turn off new version notifications.
    Get it here: SafeWorld v1.1.2
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    This is what I get when I started my craftbukkit:

    /sw did not work in game, nothing happens. when i type /help in game it does show "SafeWorld list of commands"
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    Do you have Vault installed? Safe World requires Vault... Sorry about that! I didn't have that noted above... it is now:rolleyes:
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    okay thanks!
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    Nice, approved.
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    Thank you :)

    Note: v1.1.3 has an error... please delete it and download v1.1.2 for now.

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    Ok... I think I have the bugs work out this time... if not, throw a smelly shoe at me!

    SafeWorld v1.1.5
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    I have a problem, when a new player move on the server i see that :
    I'm using the last Recommended Build of all.[​IMG]
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    Hi Fragmeister,

    You need to have Vault installed and a permissions plugin that is supported by Vault. ;)

    New version that addresses logs being mixed: SafeWorld v1.1.6

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    Thanks, i have Vault on my server and which permissions plugin do you recommend?
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    I prefer PermissionsEx... though bPermissions is not bad either. :)
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    Thank you for your help, I will test it right away!
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    SafeWorld v1.1.7 - fixes the constant false "new update" message.

    Just a heads up... in your config there is a setting called ArchiveOnMegaByteSize. This was supposed to be ArchiveOnKiloByteSize.
    So keep in mind that whatever you set ArchiveOnMegaByteSize to... SafeWorld will interpret your setting as megabytes.

    This will be fixed in the next update.

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    i have a question i like the plugin but for some reason every 5 minutes or so it will make my server restart why is that?
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    I have no idea.
    You'll have to help me to help you:
    1 - Please post any errors you find in your log file.
    2 - Which version of Bukkit are you using.
    3 - Which version of SafeWorld are you using.
    4 -What are your config settings?
    5 - What plugins are you using with SafeWorld.

    SafeWorld v1.1.8 - Small config change: ArchiveOnMegaByteSize changed to ArchiveOnKiloByteSize. SafeWorld will update your config and retain your setting.

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    Hi there! This looks like a great plugin, but it doesn't seem to be working correctly with 1.3.1 (I have the lastest dev built of Bukkit, latest version of Vault, and the latest version of this plugin). I asked for some help on #BukkitHelp (IRC) and they said that it was formatted for 1.2.5, and that's probably why it's not working right. In-game, the /sw command would work, but all the others would--when typed--display/do nothing. When I typed any of the commands in console, it crashed the server. Hopefully this can be fixed soon :D
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    Just tested with latest development build of Bukkit 1.3.1-R0.1 #2277 and seems to be working fine.
    Please post any errors you have in your sever.log file... be sure to post the entire error. ;)

    SafeWorld will not be updated until there is a Recommended build for 1.3.1
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    It keeps telling me an internal error occurred when i try to show the password
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    Ok... how am I supposed to help you with this when you leave no information?

    • SafeWorld version you are using
    • Bukkit version you are using
    • Are you using Vault?
    • What is the error message you are getting... the whole message?
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    Here ya go! Thanks in advance
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    Hmm.. not sure what would cause that error at this time.
    When I tested SafeWorld, all I had installed was SafeWorld, Vault, and PermissionsEx, and I was using the latest Dev version of Bukkit... did you try the latest Bukkit?
    You could also try disabling any plugins that colorize chat... maybe there is a conflict... doubtful, but maybe.

    As soon as there is a recommended version, I will do another update. I only follow recommended builds so that I don't have to continuously work around Dev Bukkit changes. ;)
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    Just one correction to my last statement... I will update SafeWorld to Recommended versions AND beta builds. This should allow me to update sooner!
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    can i have hte source code? i am workign on getting it to work on my fav server but i cant! it just stays in place but u can still place lava! i plan on editing :/ thanks!
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    New version: SafeWorld v1.2.2 for Bukkit v1.3.1R1

    I can't stress this enough.... if you have errors, please post:
    Full error from server log file.
    Version of SafeWorld you are using.
    Version of Bukkit you are using.

    And be sure to have Vault and a permissions plugin installed.
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    Another update... with a major change! SafeWorld v1.3.0

    Please Note: I will not be posting updates here any longer. Please go to BukkitDev for future updates.

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