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    SATools - Server Administration Tools:
    Version: v0.2

    This plugin is almost like a server wrapper, which in the future it may become. This is a plugin meant for people who run a server from a home computer or a location where you can access the server using a GUI interface. This plugin creates a GUI interface to make managing a server a lot easier, especially when you don't want to type and remember a lot of commands and stuff.

    Info: If you want to be a part of this project whether it be development or design, please let me know I am always excepting new ideas.

    • Graphical User Interface.
    • Manage your world's weather, time with one click.
    • Issue a command, broadcast a message, or send a private message all in one place with 0 commands.
    • Manage and view player information with ease.
    • Do things you normally cant do with commands such as:
      • Change time with a button​
      • Change the weather with one button​
      • Spawn a creature​
      • Make players gods​
      • Modify players health with minimal effort​
      • Spawn an object (NEW v0.2)

    Download - v0.2
    Source Code

    Screen Shots: (The first GUI screenie is outdated - so I removed it)



    • Add Object spawning (Location, or player)
      For example: You want to spawn a tree, just like creature spawn you can.
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