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    SafeFire - Enable/Disable fire burning/spreading:

    Well I have known java and many other programming languages for a while but I never made any Bukkit plugins, so here is my very first Bukkit plugin, this plugin will allow you to Enable/Disable fire burning/spreading, it will also alert you if someone places fire.

    • Disable Fire.
    • Disable Fire Burning.
    • Disable Fire Spreading.
    • Alert when fire is placed.
    • /sf - Displays Help.
    • SafeFire.commands => Allows you to use "/sf" commands.
    • SafeFire.place => Allows you to place fire.

    Moved to BukkitDev!
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    Thing is... you also need to block fire charges!!! those still work too! :)
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    can you make a function witch enables the old infinite fire spread? Me and my friends wants to make a apocalypse server where natural disasters should be everyday life [creeper]

    it would be nice of you [sheep]
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    The download links are not not working. I send the original OP a PM almost a week ago but have not received a reply yet.

    Anyone try this with 1.4.6? Looks like dev may have stopped on this plugin, so perhaps we need to find a replacement. I don't need/want a big heavy plugin with a ton of features like WorldGuard, all I want is to stop fire spread.

    Any suggestions?

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