[Admin/Misc] Group Signs - An easy system for changing groups [CB-1.2.3-0.2b]

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    Let's hope I got that title format right :p


    I had a simple problem on my server, I had a welcome center, a Guest group, and I always had to change new players groups, so I have decided to make my own plugin that allows a player to right click on a sign that changed their group!

    • Signs can only be created by op
    • Signs can demote, or promote users
    • Signs change the player who clicks the signs group on behalf of the console
    Coming Soon:
    • Change to group, and not be able to change to a group on another chain of groups
    • Change group of user on behalf of a certain operator
    • Economy support
    • Permission support
    So Enjoy!
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    hay man I'm on ur server and I was wondering what do you do to make i so players have to Buy groups.

    P.S. nice server

    one more thing. What virsion o've bukkit are u using? and is there a full virsion of 1.2.4 ( which is only 1.2.4.jar not 1.2.4-4y342y23i32.jar ) :)


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    I am using bukkit 1.2.3 to compile group signs, and our server is using 1.2.4 beta. To make it so you can buy groups make a sign like this





    Where price is the price for the group. This requires the plugin "Vault" to be installed on your server The price needs to have no commas, just numbers. Enjoy my server :D thanks for liking it - Mac

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