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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by StabbedBit, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Minecraft Remote Admin is a remote admin tool that enables you to access your console remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.
    The plugin can be found here


    - v0.2.4 Beta (for plugin v0.1.5)
    - v0.2.3 Beta (for plugin v0.1.4)
    - v0.2.2 BETA (for plugin v0.1.3)

    • Shows some basic server stats
    • A list of players
    • A list of plugins
    • A full color console window
    • Command History
    • Editable column size
    Drop the jar file anywhere you like and run it. If you save any settings (edit > settings) a file will be created in your appdata folder which will contain those settings.
    If you want to help debug it or wondering why something is acting up you can create a batch (name.bat) file to read everything the app throws onto the console:
    @echo off
    java -jar MinecraftRemoteAdmin.jar
    Upcoming Features
    • Reconnecting
    • Get more previous console lines if you scroll up (initial GET is up to 100 lines and expands to up to 1000 lines in memory as new lines pour in)
    • Logging in when you press enter
    • Encrypt the local settings file (the one the client saves)
    • Perform task when clicking a player (for example kick, ban, message, give item)
    • Some more (I don't remember everything and always think of new stuff)
    • Android app (will be made when the desktop client is a little more finalized)
    if you find any please leave a ticket.

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  2. How do it due to the console "[Minecraft Remote Admin]" appears in color?


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    I don't completely understand what you're saying, but I think you're asking for this:
    1. sender.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED+" [Minecraft Remote Admin]");
  4. I have asked exactly for this. Thanks

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    There was no .jar in the zip I downloaded.
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    Try again, and if all fails go here
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    It appears womethingwent wrong, ut i dont exactly know what?

    What doesn that mean, and the console says
    {myip} reached end of stream
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    actually my computer thought it was cute to unzip the .jar instead, bad computer, bad!
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    Hello, I've been trying to use your program but have had no luck. I originally got the error "The Connection is Broken (Did you enter the serverkey correctly?)". I read on the plugin page that the fix was to install "Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files". I have done this but I am still getting this error. Please help!
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    If you have multiple java versions installed on your system make sure you installed JCE on the right version of Java

    If you did that correct, check under usage how to debug and please send me the output.

    Also, please do note that installing JCE on the client doesn't help that much if it is the server that doesn't encrypt correctly (if I'm correct the plugin on the console on the server should output a message about being set up correctly or not).
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    I tried the debug and this is what I got http://pastebin.com/azq2xMeL. I'm unsure if I did it correctly.
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    StreamCorruptedException is like saying the two are communicating to each other in different languages.
    Please tripplecheck if you entered the serverkey correctly and don't have any trailing spaces or weird characters.
    If that doesn't work try to run server and client on the same pc (and connect to localhost) to see if the problem still exists.
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    It worked when I ran the server and the Client on the same machine. I use a hosted server so does that mean I am out of luck?
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    Unless you can install JCE on the server I'm afraid you are. I haven't build in a fallback yet and haven't really done anything with the plugin in a while (mostly because bukkit 1.7 is still in beta and not everything works yet).

    Moreoverly, I've learned a bit about RSA encryption at school (I'm studying Software Engineering) so I am thinking about reworking the entire connection encryption when I have found some time to work on this again.
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    Ah okay, thanks anyway. I bookmarked the page and will hopefully be able to use it in the future!
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    How do I find the server key?
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    Well I have done the Config and I am getting the Prob! It says "It appears something, but I don't exactly know what" !! How to fix this!
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    Read under usage.....
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    What are you using for the window in the client, if I may ask? I cant find any java swing objects that can actually print in color.
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    Having Issues I can Connect Just fine but..... the Console and Client WILL NOT SYNC
    I would enter a command it would appear in the console but not the client PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP
    See Image Below
    Version: 1.7.5 (Yes this plugin is REVERSE compatible im just having Client problems)
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    Problem is with the plugin, not the client. I haven't worked on it for a while since all those unstable 1.7 versions a long while back.
    Problem is that the server plugin is leeching off the console logger which seems to be not working properly anymore, I've known this for a while now but haven't found a fix.

    I'm currently at an internship and don't really have time to fix it, I might look at it again in a few weeks.
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    Internship thoses feels anyways i have some dev EXP but i just graduated 8th grade :/ so i may or may not be able to help depending my uncle will be bale to as he is really a programmer just e-mail meh and ill help ya: [email protected]
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    how to login ?
    ID to username spaces fills mojang Do there?
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    "It appears something, but I don't exactly know what"?? Whats is causing this. I have portforwarded the needed ports, used the correct ip and tried it with the port :25565. HELP
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    Hey, I am getting an issue and I don't know what it is... http://imgur.com/x8DFja7,v1DHTle#0 .
    Even when I do not type in any IP or login, it it always the same, although, sometimes, it will only show the "Failed to connect to client".... thing, other times it will show all of this.
    I have only recently downloaded the plugin and the app so I should have the latest version.
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    When I run the desktop app it says "Could not find the main class: com.stabbededbit.minecraftRemoteAdmin.desktop.GUI.Manager.
    Program will exit." Please Help!
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