[ADMIN/MECH] SummaCodes v1.10 - Simple, easy and flexible redeemable codes [1.2]

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    SummaCodes v1.10



    SummaCodes is a plugin that handles "redeem codes." It uses Bukkit's built in persistence database, so it can be configured to use SQLite (default) or MySQL via bukkit.yml

    Codes can be configured to give items and iConomy money. Codes can also be configured to expire at a set time (e.g in 5 hours, or 10 minutes, or 5 seconds, or 1 month, and so on.)




    Regular usage:
    Admin usage:

    • 1.2 support
    • Vault support
    • Initial release

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    Would be nice if you add an option to display an info message to player on join. Like "You have one new redeem code."
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    The codes aren't transparent to the players: only the admins can view what the code names are.

    It's more geared towards codes that can be given out to players that only work once for them (e.g kits, events (such as a treasure hunt or something, where the code only has 1 use for anyone at all), etc.)

    It was done for a friend, so it may not be as configurable as people would want at the moment (although it does seems great for the purposes listed above at the moment)
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    I am using this plugin and it works great, thank you Hidendra.
    However you should also add the option to make it easier like by

    /createcode test diamondpick 1;diamondaxe 1; 10 minutes
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    After much waiting, one that actually works. So excited to use this with everything.
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    I've been waiting to see a redeem code plugin that can modify player permissions (change player's group, add a node to their permissions, hell even add a node to group permissions so factions can win prizes - basically do anything with Permissions based on a code). Is such a thing possible?
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    It would be easier to do that from just a command with rTriggers, or as I have in my tutorial you could use TriggerCmds and rTriggers to create a physical entity that performs that on press.

    mc.summaxr.com:27265 to see for yourself. :p
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    But would entering the code trigger that? Or would this give a code as the result of an action? I want the user to enter a code to get a permission assigned; possibly for a limited time.
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    Daniel Few

    I love the idea of this. Will definatly try it to hand our rewards for special events etc.
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    changelog is missing (even for first version, it provides a placeholder)
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    Thanks -- knew I was missing something :p

    Indeed, good idea

    Interesting idea -- I don't see why it wouldn't be possible
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    Aaand it cannot be in a spoiler (ohly 3 and more changes back can)
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    Have you tested this against chat plugins like iChat and HeroChat to be sure that their chat preprocessing doesn't interfere with create mode? Seems to me that not taking input in explicit commands (i.e. /codes add AwesomeKit diamond 1, or even /codes add diamond 1 if you're locked into a certain code while creating) could be misunderstood as messages to a channel (and the action potentially cancelled) in the event that one of these grabs the chat input before SummaCodes does; however if you're issuing commands instead of straight chat, these plugins ignore the input knowing that you meant it for something else. As convenient as it is to just type what you want, you could be introducing unintentional plugin fights over events.

    I'd recommend reworking that as opposed to the quick fix of making your event priority higher; see the way EpicZones lays out commands that only work in create mode for a good example.
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Looks like a good plugin... suggestions? Sure.

    • BOSEconomy support
    • Sign support - ability to paste codes onto signs using placeholders such as [SummaCode] on the first line, then [CodeName] on the second line. This means you could create codes as rewards for navigating an area to the end, where the sign informs the player of the reward code. As soon as the code is used, it is possible to generate a new code with the same name, and all signs with that code referenced would update automatically.
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    Why can't you just place a sign with the code on it?;)
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    Works with iChat on my server... I actually love the idea but it will be prone to conflict.
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    With what? From what I understand it overrides anything that would get in its way and so it shouldn't interfere.

    He wants them to have to click the sign to get the code activated, people would just make compendiums.

    Better idea, use rTriggers and TriggerCmds yet again! :D
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Because in my post I said that the code would be a one-time code that would change once it was used, so the sign would need to be updated with the new code each time the old one was claimed. Having a placeholder for that code name would mean that once the code has been used, a new one would be generated with the same name, and all signs with that code's placeholder would be updated automatically. This way you could create zones with a reward code at the end that would renew itself each time the zone is completed.
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    That could be a little resource heavy and sounds like something another plugin would do... speaking as the person who requested it this was designed to handle rewarding users who are active at certain times in certain areas (specifically our radio, IRC mumble etc) with a little something for staying involved.

    What you're looking for sounds like a sign that just gives out a kit each time, which can also be achieved with rTriggers and TriggerCmds. :D
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    I'm not actually looking for anything. I requested TriggerCmds, and yes, you could achieve it easily using that plugin. But I thought it would be good if this plugin could also do something like that, specifically for redeemable codes. I don't use this plugin, but can see lots of potential in it for PvP mazes, dungeons, etc.
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    Love this plugin!
    I design/build dungeons, and I'm using this plugin in conjunction with a scrolling signs plugin, to reward players in my dungeons.
    For instance:
    I hide a chest in my dungeon.
    Create a code [lootchest1] that rewards the player with food, armor, weapons etc..
    I attach that redeem code to an SMS sign (right above the hidden chest)
    So player finds chest.
    Punch sign.
    Get loot.

    Now I don't have to go reset the loot after every player!

    One thing I really need though, is to be able to reset the codes.
    It's great that it can distribute loot 10k times, but after a player has completed the dungeon, I would like them to be able to reset their codes and play it again.
    As of now, each person on my server can only go through the dungeon once! :( (if they want any loot that is)

    Can this feature be added?
    Maybe there is a different plugin that better fits my needs?
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    Could I have the server auto-generate one with a script?
  23. Now what would be really cool is if there was a way to integrate this into PayPal to create donation incentives (or RMT item markets) that are redeemable by the player and don't require admins or mods to constantly check all the time.
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    uhh... I think Multiverse may be grabbing chat input to add the world to the beginning of the name... The /codes create aint takin input...
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    Is there any way I can make this so it uses MySQL? I really need it, thanks!
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    just asking if there will be an update to 818/860 ?
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    The option to change permissions. It would be neat to be able to make a code that gives a user a particular permission node or changes their group. Think of the possibilities!

    Edit: Oops, didn't notice someone else suggested the same thing. Well, I am seconding that suggestion. :3
  28. Im currently (for testing) only running Summacodes v1.00 and i receive the below errors on bukkit 860

    02:38:57 [SEVERE] ebean.properties not found
    02:38:58 [INFO] DataSourcePool [SummaCodes] autoCommit[false] transIsolation[SERIALIZABLE] min[2] max[20]
    02:38:58 [INFO] SubClassFactory parent ClassLoader [org.bukkit.plugin.java.PluginClassLoader]
    02:38:59 [INFO] Entities enhanced[0] subclassed[1]
    02:38:59 [INFO] -> PLAYER_CHAT
    02:38:59 [INFO] -> PLAYER_QUIT
    02:38:59 [INFO] RedeemCodes enabled: 1.00-rc1
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    Is there some sort of API that could allow a web based script to create a one time use only code in a MySQL db?
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    for the ebean.properties you just create an empy file with that name.

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