Inactive [ADMIN/MECH] Anti-Sprint v1.0 - Disable Sprinting Without Glitches! [1.2.4 - R4.0]

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    Full description and download can be found on BukkitDev.

    I made this plugin while experimenting with Java. I noticed that there aren't any plugins out there to prevent sprinting and I figured that some people may find this useful. The main reason why this is practically the only anti-sprinting plugin around is that sprinting is usually client-sided process which is not easily controlled by the server sided plugins. Adding a potion effect is a common way to control speed but is not practical in terms of our purpose and setting the player's velocity makes movement horribly choppy.

    What is Anti-Sprint?
    This plugin offers an innovative and lightweight solution for server owners who would like to disable sprinting for all players or just a select few. It's completely customizable with the ability to only enable it for certain players and comes with a function to disable it completely if not in use. Unlike many other plugins that aimed for the same purpose, it does not cause the player to go crazy when moving and is almost completely free of bugs (if I may say so).

    What Are This Plugin's Features?
    • Lightweight and easy to install.
    • New approach to disabling sprinting.
    • Allows for enabling and disabling for a select number of players.
    • Permissions support.
    • /antisprint - Shows basic plugin information.
    • /antisprint toggle - Enables/disables the plugin's anti-sprint feature.
    • /antisprint setfood <amount> - Sets minimum food required in order to sprint. Set to 21 to disallow all sprinting.
    • /antisprint allow <player> - Enables sprinting for the given player.
    • /antisprint disable <player> - Disables sprinting for the given player.

    • antisprint.bypass - Players who have this node can bypass sprint restrictions.
    • antisprint.configure - Allows players to configure the settings.
    Source Code on GitHub:

    Change Log:

    Version 1.0:
    • Release.
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    Smart, approved.
    EDIT: Also 2600th message.
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    Gratz. :p
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    Hey, can you make the permission toggle-able? Because I installed this on my server because I hate sprinting...but I'm an op. I have all permissions INCLUDING the antisprint.bypass permission. Thanks!
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    Try adding this node:
    With the minus sign in front.
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