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    I want a plugin that is similar to login security etc, just u only need to register and login if u have the required perm (admin.login) otherwise you can log in as normal.

    It is NOT asap so you don't need to rush if you are making it.

    They make everyone have to log in, i only want it for people with a perm (my staff)

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    add the perm above to everyone except people you want to have to enter a password
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    I understand what you are saying, but why not just use online-mode=true, as it very clearly states in the forum rules, you shouldn't post things that can be fixed by offline-mode=true.
  4. He never said he was running offline mode. If I understand correctly, he simply just wants an added layer of security for his staff, in the case their accounts get hacked, or their goldfish go on their account and do some nasty shit.
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    But if his goldfish were to do some nasty 'Shit', it wouldn't help because they would know his admin login password as well.
  6. Not if the admin login password is different than their Mojang account password
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    Onlineids Thanks. And yes, ofc im running online mode -_-
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    I like this idea because I had an admins brother come on my server and kinda screw stuff up. I'll see if I can get the time for this. If anyone else wants to take this, go right ahead!
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    Read my post above I already gave him one
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