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    Loyalty Points is Tracks time been online and giving points out of this.
    Current Version 1.1.3, Recommended for CraftBukkit 1.3.2-R0.1


    • When one logs in, the LoyaltyPoints tracks the amount of time the player has been on and awards her points according to a certain amount of time cycles.
    • Features a configuration file which you can define how many points a person gets after every time cycle since she has logged on, how many points she will start with, and how long the time cycle will be.
    • AFK tracking system, if a player haven't moved between the checks he don't get any points
    • Also includes custom message configuration for commands (includes colors as well)!

    Command - Description
    /lp - To check your own LoyaltyPoints.
    /lp (playername) - Checks other player's points.
    /lp help - Shows all possible commands.
    /lp top - Shows the top 10 players with the most LoyaltyPoints.
    /lp version - Checks the version of the plugin.
    /lp next - Shows time to next payout.
    /lp playtime or /lp play - Shows the playtime of the player.
    /lp reload - Reloads the plugin, includes configuration and points data reload.
    /lp set [username] [amount] (case sensitive) - To have the specified amount of points.
    /lp add [username] [amount] (case sensitive) - Add x points to player (negative amount also).

    Planned Features

    • Possibility to pay an defined amount of money when a player gains a specified amount of LoyaltyPoints.
    • Server-wide announcements when a player gains a certain amount of points (reaches a point milestone)
    • Restart scores (a command for it)
    • Remove points (a command for it)
    • Receive rewards on specified point milestones
    • Reward system.
    Version 1.1.3
    • Made some changes to the storage, now it only loads the users there are online and when they logout it saves the user and remove him from the server (still keeps the info in the SQL server)
    • This should make the load alot faster and should have fixed alot of errors.
    • Also now /lp top 10 gives you 1-10 and /lp top 20 gives you 11-20 and so on
    • File based is removed (migrated to SQlite (can be changed))
    • AFK tracking is removed for now.
    Full history: Click Here

    To determine popularity of this plugin, plugin installs are automatically tracked by the Metrics plugin tracking system. If you don't want to help or are paranoid, edit plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and set opt-out to true. But seeing more users makes me very happy.
    Loyalty Points Statistics by Metrics

  2. Can you send me the poinys.yml file, then i gonna look into it together with your config either as a msg here og skype

    there gonna come one :)
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    awesome plugin even if its not 100% bug free
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    Is it possible to make a loyalty points shop in-game?
  6. As said some times it's comming as said so many times ^^

    glad to hear :)
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    The afk system permit to don't track user use lift ? (plugin lift)

    Some user put a block top of their head and when they click to the button lift they don't move (for essential is permit to don't kick them)

    It is possible to disable the tracking system for some world : for example i have a hardcore server with a "safe world" when the user is in the safe world the tracking is in "pause" and when the member come to the "war world" the tracking begin.
  8. the disable for the tracking isn't on yet, gonna look at it.

    About the lift i just tested it and if they use the lift they get as moved (they get points)
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    ok thx for the information.
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    How would i set it so players get a point every hour, current config:

    # LoyaltyPoints config file
    # How many Loyalty Points should this plugin give after every time cycle?
    increment-per-cycle: 1
    cycle-time-in-seconds: 86400
    update-timer: 150
    SaveTimer: 3600
    starting-points: 0
    plugin-tag: '&6[LoyaltyPoints]'
    self-check-message: '%TAG% &3You have &b%POINTS% &3Loyalty Points.'
    check-otherplayer-message: '%TAG% &3%PLAYERNAME% has &b%POINTS% &3Loyalty Points.'
    point-type: 2
    afk-tracking-system: 1
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    still gives me it every 10 minutes
  13. do you get a msg at startup about a error? that it uses standard post

    EDIT: try edit a clean config file with the new number
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    Does this require MySQL?

    Does it autosave?
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    Can you come on Skype again? We talked and you were supposed to fix my points.yml (the one that flushed),
    but you never came back.

    - SiZoxe (Brother-MH)
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    Does this require MySQL?
  17. No you can use MySQL, SQLite and nothing (file based)
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    Ice cold aft

    So I kinda read through some of these comments and was thinking, it might be a good idea to add a separate part or different plugin even that counts the total time a player has played on the server, and can be configured to just count the amount of time or reward if wanted. Just an idea, dont have to use it, just suggestion.
  19. Hey why you want to have a different part that only count playtime :)?
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    i would like the following rewards (i will use this on my server if i don't find a better one):
    -custom statuses (like donor with lesser perks) given after so many loyalty points are accumulated
    -a custom shop that sells items for loyalty points
    -option to buy experience for loyalty points
    -option to buy a title from the EasyTitles plugin (i will use this too)
    -a high score table that tracks both loyalty points earned and loyalty points left

    could you make a plugin that allows players to obtain copies of written books like a library? i want players on my server to be able to make their own books, place them in a book case, then people can right click on the book case and get a copy of the book. this should be compatible with world-edit so you can define places that can be a library (i want spawn to be the place where all the books are) and the option to make copies of books cost something in iConomy currency.

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    Could you make an option to run a configurable command(s) when reaching certain amount of points?
  22. this isn't a post to that my friend :)

    that is comming :)

    1.1.3 is now uploaded to BukkitDev
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    this is good but when i install and type /reload in my server it crashes the server why? i love the plugin though very handy!
  24. What are the error?
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    Internal Exception: read timed out
  26. what are you thinking about 1.1.3?
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    Does this work with 1.4.2 or 1.4.5? Thanks. I'm assuming it does, otherwise I hope it's updated soon!

    Yes, yes it does.
    I tested it on my 1.4.5 server and it works perfect ;). I will tell you guys if I encounter any bugs!
    Thanks for the great plugin.

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  28. i'm glad to hear that t works perfectly

    If you find any bugs please report it at the ticket manager on Dev.bukkit --->
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    :) Ok the only bug I have encountered is that I cannot use /lp add [username]. It does not add the amount specified. Rather I use /lp set and that works fine. I'll report this bug in the link.

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