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  1. AlwaysHave - Make players always have an item.
    Version: v1.1
    AlwaysHave was the product of a request here by @CoolOppo . Basically, it makes players always have an item. For example, say you always wanted players to have 3 signs. When the player runs out of signs, this plugin will give them 3 signs again. This could be useful for creative servers and admins.
    • Lets players always have a item
    • Support for more than one item
    • Support for amounts of an item
    • Blacklist players through configuration
    • Permissions support
    Source code


    The first configuration node, Excluded-Players, is a list of people you *don't* want to get items from this plugin. These only apply when Use-Permissions is false. Seperate names with a comma.

    The second configuration node, ItemToGive, is the items you want players to recieve. the format is ID:amount,ID:amount with id being the item/block id, amount being the amount of the item to give. Seperate items with a comma.

    The third configuration node, Use-permissions, tells the plugin weither to use permissions or not. If you set it to true, only players with the node "AlwaysHave.allowed" (without the "") will get items from the plugin. This is useful if you only want admins or certain classes to have this feature. NOTE: this ignores Excluded-Players.

    • Add a property for players to be excluded
    • Add permissions support(only these players get items)
    • Version 1.1
      • Added two new configuration properties(delete configuration file)
      • If usePermissions is set to true, players must have the node "AlwaysHave.allowed"
      • Added a blacklist to not give items to x players
    • Version 1.0
      • Initial release

    Updated to 1.1, Permissions!

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    awesome! *downloads plugin*
  3. haha, hope you enjoy :D
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    I feel like a jerk not posting yet, lol...
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    Please add a whitelist feature!
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    works really well :) i just tested it on my linux server! thanks
    and can you make it so that we may assign a damage amount so that we can have wool
  7. Thanks guys :p
    @sleketonofchaos when i get home from vacation, yes.
    @DeathCamel57 i'll look into that
    I found wifi after wandering around the woods for a little bit, so i can hopefully provide support from here :p
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    Codex Arcanum

    Random feature request: Could you add the ability to distribute different items to different permissions groups?

    Edit: Why is the default item lava? Isn't that unnecessarily problematic if someone doesn't fix the config in time?
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    thanks now ppl can have starting equpment :D
  10. Ahh, that is a good point :p And as to the feature request, yes, i can probably do that when i get home


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    I know it's been requested before, but I'd really like to see this be Group based. For example, I'd like for my admins/mods to always have region tools, and normal players to always have a map and a compass.
  12. Ohh this is an amazing plugin for servers with donation groups :D
    And like many people before me, I also support the idea of different items being distributed to certain groups :)

    And is it possible to deny that player to drop/sell his given item? Since people can just drop/sell diamond pickaxes to every person on the server and always get a new one, which would pretty much ruin the server economy(since people can keep selling their item and become tycoons), and give the item to players who should not have it.

    I hope you will consider this as a posibility when you return :)
    And how come there is no internet in New York? :confused:
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    I'm using PermissionsEx, do you know if it works with that and can there be multiple configurations between different groups? For instance, I want my wizard group to always have a stick/wand, and my knights to always have a stone sword.
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    Can you make this plugin for dev.bukkit.org?, it's really amazing work here :)

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