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    EndlessEnchant - Enchant items with any enchantment and no level limits:

    This basically does what the title says, it allows you to enchant almost any item with any enchantment with almost no max level limits, for example, you could enchant a sword to have 999 of everything, there currently is no plugin configuration since none is needed. Please post any (constructive) suggestions and ideas here.


    Video made by KrazyGames21.

    • EndlessEnchant.use -> Allows you to access the "/ee" command.
    • EndlessEnchant.level.bypass -> Allows you to enchant over the level 10.
    • Enchant almost any item.
    • Enchant with no level limits.
    • Enchant with every enchantment.
    • You can use the word "all" to enchant with all enchantments.

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    Level limit is 32767
    can you make shorter name or use ID because your enchant name very long
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    lol? ok?
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    could you maybe make a enchant list so people know the enchantments cause some people might not know
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    Wow, i wish people would read, do "/ee list" for a enchantment list ._.

    Herp derp.

    Thanks, if you find any bugs let me know ;)
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    Nice Plugin!
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    While holding a sword of some type, do "/ee add knockback 5", you have to do the enchantment by the name found on "/ee list".
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    this plugin doesn't even work
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    Proof before you post, troll.
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    what does herp derp mean
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    Economy Systems Support? Iconomy, BOSEconomy (ETC...)

    Ex: Pay 100 (Currency) for this enchantment(s)...
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    I've never added Economy support to any of my plugins but i could try :eek:.

    The enchantments are all from the latest build of Bukkit, I actually used a code to list every single enchantment instead of writing them all out myself, if I'm missing any then that's because Bukkit hasn't added support it for it.
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    Not trying to be rude, I think you need to check again. http://min.us/mbpRVoqiFf The infinity enchantment on my bow works just fine in bukkit, but it isn't available in your list.

    Unsorted list of enchantments, as seen in the game:
    Durability, Protection_Environmental, Loot_Bonus_Blocks, Dig_Speed, Protection_Fall, Silk_Touch, Protection_Projectile, Oxygen, Water_Worker, Damage_Undead, Arrow_fire, Damage_all, Knockback, Arrow_damage, Damage_Arthropods, Fire_Aspect.

    Sorted list of enchantments:

    Armor Enchants:
    Protection_Enviromental: Protection(0)
    Protection_fall: Feather falling(2)
    Protection_Projectile: Projectile Protection(4)
    Oxygen: Respiration(5)
    Water_Worker: Aqua Affinity(6)
    Missing 1,3

    Sword Enchants:
    Damage_All: Sharpness(16)
    Damage_Undead: smite(17)
    Damage_Arthropods: Bane of Arthropods(18)
    Knockback: Knockback(19)
    Fire_aspect: Fire Aspect(20)
    Missing 21

    Dig_Speed: Efficiency(32)
    Silk_Touch: Silk Touch(33)
    Durability: Unbreaking(34)
    Loot_Bonus_Blocks: Fortune(35)
    None Missing

    Bow Enchants:
    Arrow_Damage: power(48)
    Arrow_Fire: Flame(50)
    Missing 49,51

    As for attempting to blame it on bukkit attempting to compress enchant affects on the inside, applying knockback affect on a bow does not produce punch enchant, nor the affect. Same with putting fortune on a sword to get looting, no affect.

    Hopefully some of this research helps you!
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    Yea, i see that some are some missing now, but I'm trying to explain that it isn't my fault, its Bukkit.

    I get what you mean but i don't think you get what i mean, the plugin basically asks Bukkit for a nice little list of all plugins then displays them for you when you do the "/ee list" command, any enchantment that isn't on the list is because Bukkit doesn't have it on their list, I'll see what i can do to solve this issue but I'm just letting you know its Bukkits fault, if you know any java programming you can go ahead and try it yourself, have Bukkit list all enchantments and it will give you the same results.

    Also the reason that arrows don't have knockback when the bows do is because the enchantment is designed to be applied to weapons that you hit players/mobs with, not shoot.
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    First of all, this plugin is AWESOME! I've been looking for a plugin that does that since a long time, I was hoping someone would make that possible in multiplayer (single-player commands already made this).
    Also, for the missing enchantments in the list, you are right there are some missing, but you can still enchant with them if you find the right name. for example, I managed to enchant with "looting" by typing /ee add loot_bonus_mobs 3
    it worked just fine, so the list may not be complete but the plugin in fact supports all the enchantments. It would be nice to add a complete list in description so people would know how to use other enchantments, if any of you can find the exact name of the missing enchantments. you can also get those by enchanting with "all" but then you'll need to remove everything you dont want one at a time, and maybe end up unabgle to delete some you don't want because you dont know their name =$

    thx for that plugin :D
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    I know someone asked to add an Economy Systems Support. Maybe make simple to add any money support if an Economy is not in place maybe use another form of currency. Like for example Gold Bars,Diamonds and if there is Economy it will detect it for the ones that use Economy System. I dont use Economy myself but Gold Bars i use type of currency.
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    Could you consider allowing for a configurable command or possibly change it? There's a plugin called EasyEnchant that uses /ee as well. I'd like EasyEnchant for my members and EndlessEnchant for the admins, but stuff gets kind of error-y when I have both.
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    I'll do this later on, i got school now :/
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    does it take xp when used? because i still would like to keep enchantments balanced on my server, but would love my users to be able to pick their enchantments and not have a level limiter on them
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    awesome!! :confused:
    but one problem ... :/
    i can use all enchantments but the looting entchant doesn't exist :( or exist that but im stupid to use it ( sry for my english ) :D
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    Hey, whenever I type /ee help or /ee list (or any other command) nothing shows up in my chat box... and when I enchant something nothing happens. It worked the first time but not the rest, it always works for the server admin, tho. Do you know what the problem may be? Thanks
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    Make sure your using the name exactly how it's seen in "/ee list".

    Nope but i could add something like that in the near future.
    Maybe another plugin is interfering with it, make sure you have all the proper permissions also.
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    ur awesome xD
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    can u give me a list of all the enchantments you can add?

    can you give me a list of all the enchantments you can add? There are suppose to be 21 enchantments but when i type "/ee list" only 16 pop up, please give me a list of all the enchantments =D

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