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    Brad Myers

    This is a new implementation of SMP Hardcore. If you die, you are banned.
    This is a remake of the Hardcore made by awlawlawl.

    Here are a few features:
    • Configurable ban time (default is one week)
    • Commands for admins to ban,unban and get info on dead players (/hardcore)
    • Players are told what date and time they will be allowed back when they die and when they try to log back early.
    • The plugin logs every death along with level, exp, location and death message in csv format for easy exporting
    • Does not have the "dead players hog a login spot" issue.
    • Final Farewell: Admins can choose to allow players to live for a short time and chat and say goodbye
    • Sound and Fury: Admins can choose to allow a non damaging lightning and thunderclap will go off each time a player dies. Because it would be cool.
    Future features:
    • Full permissions support, only ops can use the /hardcore command right now.
    • Except permissions, everyone at the moment can be banned if they die.
    How to install:
    • Put the jar in your plugins folder.
    • Restart the server.
    • Edit the Config however you would like.
    Current Commands:
    • /hardcore res [player]
    • /hardcore slay [player]
    • /hardcore info [player]
    • /hardcore setpurgatory [player]
    Download HardcoreMC 2.4 Here!

    Typo: Exemption permissions*

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  2. Brad Myers Format your post like so: [ADMIN/FUN] HardcoreMC v2.4 - Some description here [1.1-R4]

    Include a changelog at the bottom of the post as well, take a look at the plugin submission guidelines.
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  4. Brad Myers have you or will you make a seperate part in the config for how long someone can be on spawn protection so in the event someone doesnt use worldguard or regios and they dont have antipvp at spawn people can have a set amount of time to not get spawnkilled? i use regios but it just seems like something that would make the plugin a whole lot better

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