[ADMIN/FUN] GameMode v1.1 - Swap game modes fast [1240]

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    GameMode - The helpful game mode plugin!


    this plugin is light weight and allows users to swap between game modes if they have the correct permission nodes of course!


    /gm help
    /gm toggle - toggles between survival and creative
    /gm c - sets your game mode to creative
    /gm s - sets your game mode to survival
    /gm s (username) - set anothers game mode to survival
    /gm c (username) - set anothers game mode to creative

    Permission nodes - This uses permission bukkit!

    full command access includes below and change others game modes

    allows you to change to survival

    allows you to change to creative

    Download Link

    <font color="rgb(51, 102, 255)"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    <font color="rgb(51, 102, 255)"> Source</font>


    added /gm toggle
    fixed bugs

    initial release

    bug fixing

    Finished coding

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    this plugin is based on being able to change yours and others game mode without full op, also multiworld has this already will have done it much better than i could so i see no point in making an inferior copy as it does what i wanted it to do
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    Sorry dont work with bukkit 1317.
    it says "Insufficent permission" when i enter "/gm c" as an op.
    My permissions are - '*'

    But this plugin look really good and i need such a thing for my moderators.
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    i havent defualted this to ops so you can expect this also this uses bukkit permissions so a * wonts work you need to add the permission nodes it tells you at the top
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    i've added gm.admin permissions to a non op User, but it don't work just tells me "Insufficent permission".
    What did i wrong?
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    what is your permissions plugin, i used permissions bukkit on it
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    I use Permissions.
    Wich permissions plugin should i use??
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    can you please make your plugin compatible with Permissions 3 ?
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    No Its an inactive outdated plugin
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    great plugin wish i could create them but i have no idea how java works i dont veven no wut the program is called to code! but anyway awesome plugin love the look of my cmd when i start it up i think people should copy that idea its good and easy to tell when a plugin has been enabled/disabled
    hey could u link me to the site u got ur coding program please i really want to code my own mc help perms for my server.
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    the easiest way for you to start coding them would be to get ur workplace set up watch this to get ur java JDK and eclipse trust me, watch them
    then if you have any questions feel free to ask me i can show you the basics it took me forever to learn how to make basics so please feel free to ask ive got skype
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    thanks for taking ur time to help me but when i ran eclipse i got the error message failed to load the jni shared library "C:\Programs Files(x86)\java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll". do u no wut this is ive reinstalled java still same thing

    note i followed another tut before the one u sent me and it made me install eclipse first so do i need to install another program to make it work

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    i noticed this was not compatible with yeti's permissions 3. i hope you don't mind but i made this plugin compatible for YETI's permissions. its your source still just added permissions compatibility. if you want to add it to your download list just send me a reply or pm and ill send you the jar.
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    read the 6th comment starting from ur one
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    read my other comment. if you want it.
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    ur a plugin dev just ask him for files and do it urself
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    I play with a few friends and we don't use permissions at all. Any chance you can set this to default to ops?
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    Race Pro Kid

    I agree.
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    This is untested could you 2 kindly beta it as you wanted this without the permissions
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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  21. I upgraded from CB 1240 / PEX 1.14 to CB 1317 / PEX 1.15 and now all /gm commands give "Insufficient Permissions". I didn't change any permissions (my mods still have gm.admin) and I'm not having issues with any other plugins. I'm confused.
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    May you add Permisisons 2.x and 3.X support ?
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    no they are dead plugins
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    You have to use the, "-" so the command should be, "/gm -c", or "/gm -s"
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    im confused the commands are /gm c and /gm s do you want -s and if so why
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    I'm so sorry, I got super confused look at the thing.
    I misread the commands.
    I thought the - was a part of it and it was in front of it because some Plugins are like that.
    My apologizes.
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    lol its ok
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    Hey, I like this Plugin but i was wondering if it has to have permissions because i don't really like to use that plugin.
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    Hey, I recently modified this to work with PEX on my server (recently as in about an hour ago). Works with 1337 and if you do not use permissions it defaults to OP. <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    Is there any way to change ALL game modes of all users? We have a lot of stray gamemodes out there, and trying to get everyone back on survival.

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