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    GameMode - The helpful game mode plugin!


    this plugin is light weight and allows users to swap between game modes if they have the correct permission nodes of course!


    /gm help
    /gm toggle - toggles between survival and creative
    /gm c - sets your game mode to creative
    /gm s - sets your game mode to survival
    /gm s (username) - set anothers game mode to survival
    /gm c (username) - set anothers game mode to creative

    Permission nodes - This uses permission bukkit!

    full command access includes below and change others game modes

    allows you to change to survival

    allows you to change to creative

    Download Link

    <font color="rgb(51, 102, 255)"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    <font color="rgb(51, 102, 255)"> Source</font>


    added /gm toggle
    fixed bugs

    initial release

    bug fixing

    Finished coding

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    Yeah but it would make it easier and neater for me if I could put:


    instead of:


    for ALL commands on ALL plugins in to 'Admin' group instead of having your gamemode plugin admin node separate - thanks
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    this is for permission bukkit
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    Really? Before I tried the '*' it still seemed to work

    Oh well, thanks :D
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    I do /gm and nothing happens. It just repeats /gm back to me in the chat. I'm not sure if you already know of this problem or not.
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    @Kirbyflys just added this to my test server and it worked fine, make sure you have the latest version
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    Ah, Thank You.
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    Robby Zampino

    Finally A Gamemode Changing Plugin!! I've been waiting for this. Otherwise I Have To OP my mods and that means they can /stop and other commands they shouldn't have. Thank you.
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    @Robby Zampino
    thats really good to hear it. im just glad i can give to the community and learn and have fun at the same time
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    When someone without gm.admin tries to change someone elses gamemode, it just replies "that player isent online" (spelled that way). Could you make it so it says "No permissions"?

    Otherwise, great plugin! I use it all the time, good job! :)
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    @MichaelSe i just had a look at this it will return to them insufficent permissions if they input the name correctly it needs to be like this because the code needs to be called when they do the command then it cheaks if they have the permission.
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    Hey nice plugin, would there be away to toggle a default game mode for a single user. As in, player1's deafault game mode would be creative so any time they join or leave they stay as creative?
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    it may be possible i can set a server wide defualt so anyone who logs in is always going to be survival or creative but im not sure about log in, i am sure it is possible with someone with more experence but i will admin i am quite the novice
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    It's okay, great plugin otherwise!
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    can you add group manager permission support?
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    IMO bukkit permissions is to way to go as it is coded into bukkit at this point and i would advise you to move over as a lot of other bukkit devs are using it for their permissions too
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    yes but not only^^
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    :confused: Dont think this works for Permissions Yeti. can you please add support as alot of users would love that Thanks,
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    This doesn't work for PermissionsEX. Can you make it so it does, and if that's not possible, make it so if PermissionsBukkit isn't found, it'll allow full access to OP's.
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    @scranner Could you at least fix the typo? :p

    And sometimes, it doesn't work, even with a player that IS online. If the player's name is Example010, I type
    "/gm c Example010" without quotes, and it just says "that player isent online!"

    I do have gm.admin, yes
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    @MichaelSe ive looked at the code and cant see anything that would cause this it may just be a a typo on ur end
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    I can't change other people's gamemodes.
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    @Kirbyflys i dont have this issue can i join your server please? IP. also make sure you have the latest version
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    My IP is:
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    And you can do only access to flight, with no resources?
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    sorry this isent possible atm not my fault but yea. sorry :(
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    be more specific it can be used in any world atm so what do u actully want?
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    Per world gamemode. ;)

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