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    GameMode - The helpful game mode plugin!


    this plugin is light weight and allows users to swap between game modes if they have the correct permission nodes of course!


    /gm help
    /gm toggle - toggles between survival and creative
    /gm c - sets your game mode to creative
    /gm s - sets your game mode to survival
    /gm s (username) - set anothers game mode to survival
    /gm c (username) - set anothers game mode to creative

    Permission nodes - This uses permission bukkit!

    full command access includes below and change others game modes

    allows you to change to survival

    allows you to change to creative

    Download Link

    <font color="rgb(51, 102, 255)"><Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    <font color="rgb(51, 102, 255)"> Source</font>


    added /gm toggle
    fixed bugs

    initial release

    bug fixing

    Finished coding

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    Nice, I'll try this.
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    come on now scranner stealing my ideas?
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    i specificly asked you if i could do this and a few points
    1. i helped you alot with your cmds
    2.look through this there is 0 code of urs in it
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    xD lol you have my onEnable and onDisable anyways ive got mine working with perms now and all it needs is Economy support :)
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    @TheTrixsta look at any other plugin I have on my eclipse or my creative colours
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    title missing version
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    bad place for the version in title
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    JD DeGaetano

    I like it! Good Job!
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    I cannot get this to work for me :(

    After installing on my server when I type /gm c or /gm s all that happens is the text repeats /gm back in chat to me.

    No error logs in console.
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    /*direct dl post*/
    the fact that there is no wget friendly link is the soul cause of me not using this plugin.
    point = use direct download links + (mediafire sucks X use Filedropper or Dropbox)

    Yeah this was an odd post.
    /*end direct dl post*/
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    Won't work.

    I type /gm and it just repeats /gm to me in the chat. No console logs.
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    Very sorry I've a good idea what the issue will be ill fix it when I get home :(


    IMO you are just being a troll / pickey here it is one click and it allows me to keep track of downloads too so i can see how popular of it

    i have uploaded a new version incase i somehow uploaded the wrong one

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    not trying to be a troll, I just hate media fire. you say it lets you keep track of downloads. well use dropbox and shorten the link with bit.ly! keeps track of your downloads and the link is shortened. win win. and no I'm not being picky either. wget is how me and many other people get plugins for their servers because we use consoles. :) therefore media fire is impossible and you loose people using your plugin.
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    @nala3 sorry now i know there is a valid i will do it, and happily

    Edit: DONE!
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    Can you add world specific gamemodes? So you can have a survival world and a creative world and it will auto make players into the gamemode of the world. Get me?
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    @MrMinecraftGuy take a look at mulitverse that already has it built in and manages the worlds
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    thank you sir :)
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    I'm not a big fan of multiverse. It doesn't seem to work with my server very well. Is there no chance you can do this?
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    i want to keep this plugin as lightweight as possible and this will take that as it would require a listener
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    Okay, thanks anyway. :)
  26. Suggestion:
    disable/enable a gamemode to a specific user that's currently offline?
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    Even though I have given myself permissions (and even op'd myself), I can't use /gm it either says "Insufficient Permissions" (when trying to use /gm c) or "You have no commands available to you!" when I try /gm help .
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    this plugin supports permission bukkit and i havent defualted it to op

    this would require a way to track the players mode (most likley in a sql or their .dat files) and i havent a foggy how to change them
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    Great, thanks!
    Could you get it to support '*' in permissions please?
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    @Oady if you read my first post gamemode.admin says and i quote


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