Inactive [ADMIN/FUN] ForceField 1.6 - Create a force field to protect your land and items. [1.2.4]

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    ForceField - Create a force field to protect your land and items:

    Version: v1.6

    This plugin will allow you to create a redstone powered force field to protect your land and items. There is no configuration file yet so you will have to settle with the default settings. When this plugin is fully finished you will have the ability to change almost everything in the configuration file. Please post any (constructive) suggestions and ideas here.


    Video made by Marty.

    1. Type /ff or /ForceField to toggle "Building Mode". (Requires: Place permission or OP)
    2. Place down some ForceField blocks. (default: Clay Block)
    3. Power the blocks with redstone and you're good to go :p.
    • -> Allows you to place (and remove) your own ForceField blocks.
    • -> Allows you to place any blocks in a ForceField zone.
    • ForceField.remove.override -> Allows you to remove any blocks in a ForceField zone.
    • ForceField.damage.override -> Allows you to bypass player damage from ForceFields.
    • ForceField.pass.override -> Allows you to pass through any powered ForceField.
    • ForceField.pass - > Allows you to pass through your own powered ForceField.
    • Create a ForceField that keeps out players, kills monsters/players, and prevents grief.
    • Choose your own ForceField block.
    • Permissions support.
    Change Log:

    Version 1.6:
    • Made it so creepers can't blow up your powered ForceField.
    • Made it so water and lava can't flow into your powered ForceField zone.
    • Made it so others can't attack you in your powered ForceField zone.
    • Made it so others can't toggle/break/place blocks within your powered ForceField zone.
    • Added the ability to pass through a powered ForceField.
    • Added the ability to damage players on contact with a powered ForceField.
    • Added more permissions.
    • Added /ff and /ForceField
    • Fixed small bugs.
    • Removed annoying message when you place/remove a ForceField.
    Version 1.5:
    • Updated to support 1.2.3.
    Version 1.4:
    • Added the option to disable the mob killer.
    • Added new permission node "ForceField.remove.override".
    • Everyone now has access to their own placed ForceField. (Admins can override this)
    • Removed permission node "ForceField.delete".
    Version 1.3:
    • Added configuration.
    • Added the option to choose your own Force Field block.
    • Made Force Fields go down now.
    Version 1.2:
    • Added Permissions support.
    • Fixed bug with mobs dropping multiple items on death.
    Version 1.1:
    • Force fields burn mobs.
    Version 1.0:
    • Just Released.
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    Really nice plugin i use this on my server!
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    I have a large square force field setup and I am able to pass through the force field at the corners. Is anyone else seeing this?
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    Is a player suppose to be able to disable the forcefield when they break the redstone?
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    You top off a ForceField by placing more ForeField blocks at where you want the top of the ForceField to be.

    The ForceField block is powered by the redstone, so breaking the redstone will disable the ForceField

    Doesn't even need to be large. The way redstone works now, the corner block isn't receiving redstone input.

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    great plugin just installed it yesterday to check it out. i have a few suggestions i hope you would consider.
    1. Make it so that the forcefield goes underneath you so that you could possibly use it as a sort of bridge
    2. could you also add it so that if the redstone is underneath the clay it still activates the forcefield
    3.if you made it so that they cant touche blocks through the forcefield that would solve the lever and redstone problem.mabey make the force field count as a sort of invisible bedrock.
    4.could you add an option to add color to the forcefield
    5. could you add the ability set it so that walking into a forcefield damages you or teleports you somewhere
    Thanks for the great plugin hope you consider my suggestions.
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    Yes Sorry posted my post before i saw yours....
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    O>k you Can fix The corner Glitch by placing Redstone torch's under the corners of the clay blocks
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    I have a lot of school work to catch up on, when i made my plugins i was kinda on a break from school so i had al ot of time for other stuff but now I'm not so i will update this once I'm finished with my school work (soon).
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    hey im making a youtube video to showcase this and another plugin or two would you mind if your plugin was in it?
    Ill post a link to here in the description if you are okay with me useing your plugin in this video
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    Not at all, go ahead, but in a day or so I'm going to be doing a update for it :p
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    ok ill wait a day or two no rush. also i hope you have taken my ideas into consideration. also you may want to advertise this as an adventure map sort of plugin and not just a for fun one. you could have it set to be used to lock higher levels or something and you unlock it by turning off the relay.
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    Its been updated and not all your ideas would work out but i did use one of them...

    #1: You can't use it as a "bridge" because it basically just "teleports" you back, it would be kinda buggy if you wanted to use it as a bridge..
    #2: Redstone should already do that, I'll add later on if possible.
    #3: Done (up to 5 blocks max).
    #4: Just change the block id to wool or something. :)
    #5: Maybe later on..
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    What a cool plugin, just what i need. Thanks for creating it :D
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    Yeah well another player from outside the force field was able to break the redstone from inside and then just able to walk inside of the forcefield making it useless.
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    Suggestion: Allow the makers of the forcefield pass through.
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    Update your config, make sure you have the latest version, maybe another plugin is causing issues?
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    This is a nice plugin, but somehow your plugin lags my server and spams my terminal with:
    On latest recommended cb.
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    hey i was just wondering exactly what the anti griefing works also something you may want to include in your next update is making the forcefield some sort of redstone booster
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    It all depends on the computer your using, try to disable the mob killer...
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    I was thinking more of a indestructible glass wall appearing sort of thing: Like if you could just have part of a wall appear if they got in a 5 block radius or something, I just thought the randomly not being able to move could frustrate players; other than that: Awesome plugin, and I am certainly going to use it. [diamond] Diamonds to you good sir.

    - TheKranski
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    hey i was just about to do the video but for some reason i can place forcefield blocks but they waont activate from the redstone charge. i kept the default settings any advice.
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    Type /ff or /ForceField before you place them and it will say you've entered building mode, also make sure you are using the latest version.
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    can people just jump over or go under it? (hopefully not)
    and does this support 1.2.4 r1? (plz say 'yes')
    and can other people build inside a forcefield? (hopefully the answer is 'yes')
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    No, people can't jump over or go under (when powered)
    Yes, it works with 1.1 up (that includes 1.2.4 if I'm counting right :p)
    There is a option in the config to allow people to build inside of it, by default its turned off.
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    Hi, I think your plugin looks really cool! But when I try to use it on my server, it doesn't show the "Placed forcefield block" thing. How do I also change the default block for the forcefield? thanks
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    Change the block ID in the config and actually read my post instead of just watching the video and looking for a download link... :3
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    and one more question
    can i place a block over the clay and will the force field still work?

    i couldn't be stuffed trying it my self...

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