Inactive [ADMIN/FUN] ForceField 1.6 - Create a force field to protect your land and items. [1.2.4]

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    ForceField - Create a force field to protect your land and items:

    Version: v1.6

    This plugin will allow you to create a redstone powered force field to protect your land and items. There is no configuration file yet so you will have to settle with the default settings. When this plugin is fully finished you will have the ability to change almost everything in the configuration file. Please post any (constructive) suggestions and ideas here.


    Video made by Marty.

    1. Type /ff or /ForceField to toggle "Building Mode". (Requires: Place permission or OP)
    2. Place down some ForceField blocks. (default: Clay Block)
    3. Power the blocks with redstone and you're good to go :p.
    • -> Allows you to place (and remove) your own ForceField blocks.
    • -> Allows you to place any blocks in a ForceField zone.
    • ForceField.remove.override -> Allows you to remove any blocks in a ForceField zone.
    • ForceField.damage.override -> Allows you to bypass player damage from ForceFields.
    • ForceField.pass.override -> Allows you to pass through any powered ForceField.
    • ForceField.pass - > Allows you to pass through your own powered ForceField.
    • Create a ForceField that keeps out players, kills monsters/players, and prevents grief.
    • Choose your own ForceField block.
    • Permissions support.
    Change Log:

    Version 1.6:
    • Made it so creepers can't blow up your powered ForceField.
    • Made it so water and lava can't flow into your powered ForceField zone.
    • Made it so others can't attack you in your powered ForceField zone.
    • Made it so others can't toggle/break/place blocks within your powered ForceField zone.
    • Added the ability to pass through a powered ForceField.
    • Added the ability to damage players on contact with a powered ForceField.
    • Added more permissions.
    • Added /ff and /ForceField
    • Fixed small bugs.
    • Removed annoying message when you place/remove a ForceField.
    Version 1.5:
    • Updated to support 1.2.3.
    Version 1.4:
    • Added the option to disable the mob killer.
    • Added new permission node "ForceField.remove.override".
    • Everyone now has access to their own placed ForceField. (Admins can override this)
    • Removed permission node "ForceField.delete".
    Version 1.3:
    • Added configuration.
    • Added the option to choose your own Force Field block.
    • Made Force Fields go down now.
    Version 1.2:
    • Added Permissions support.
    • Fixed bug with mobs dropping multiple items on death.
    Version 1.1:
    • Force fields burn mobs.
    Version 1.0:
    • Just Released.
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    Yes it does, and yes you can hide the redstone and the ForceField underground.
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    cool.through in protection and ill definetly get this
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    Deleted user

    Screw linkbucks XD
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    ? and see this wold be the SIMPLER protection i was looking for lol
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    I cannot download the file, the link provided takes me to another site and insists on me downloading some sort of video player,
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    Amazing plugin! I used it seal my spawn town from mobs and its now as safe as it can be! any chance it will be updated to stop Endermen and the new mobs?
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    Hmm, this may be a bukkit problem because it should stop every mob :eek:
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    the forcefield work with players, too?
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    Where can I download 1.4? The one on your site links top the 1.3 file version.
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    Check now :eek:
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    how do you downloade this pluging
  14. your website seems to be down
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    Sorry, its up now :)
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    noob question i know, but how in the hell am i supposed to make it so any player can enter the forcefield?
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    There is a plugin called FalseBook and one of its features is the ability to make a "Player Detector" that detects anyone within so many blocks, you could attach the player detector to a redstone circuit and have it toggle on and off the FoceField or just use a pressure plate :p
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    oh ok, thanks.
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    I can't Download
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    You'r Video is down. Could you please fix it?
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    Hi Poulpkyo

    I have a question about the visual part of this plugin (havent tried the pluing, but read the 3 pages here and found nothing indicating that theres is a visual part).

    ?If the block used as the visual should be, say, water, shouldent it be possible to use the staticwater as the visual, but replace the psysics of the water with airblock prysics? (cause there seems to be alot of air in mc ;p), and to the same with sound off cause.

    Sry if this is a noob kinda question, i know nothing about coding/scripting etc.
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    There is no visual effect, i could add a water effect but that could cause extreme amounts of lag, i could possibly fake water blocks by having the plugin tell all the players that there is water there even though there is no water there...
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    Something like that would deffinitly make me use your plugin :) so i hope you'll implement it sometime in the future
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    Download-link does not work... =(
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    link 404
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    hey guys im new and i have a server and when i downloaded this plugin it did not seem to work i checked the files and when you type in /plugins it does not include it can someone help
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    no can dowland plugin :(
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    Whats the plugin for the dispencer spitting out spawn eggs of zombies I would like to know :>
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    I'd love to use this plugin but I was wondering if there is a setting to allow only a max amount of blocks from being in a forcefield and a max amount of forcefields allowed for a group/player xD.
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    Maybe in the future, currently this plugin is very basic and should really be used for trusted/vip members of your server.



    The download is on dropbox now so if you still can't download it then you have major internet problems.

    Jeb added that feature to 1.2.3.
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    Perhaps you can add a height option, global or forcefield-based...
    Some users on my server build forcefields for theire houses at blockheight 64. Now nobody can get over this builds and , because the forcefield went up to blockheight 255. I mean a forcefield of the height ex. 20-30 would be better in most situations.

    anyway nice plugin ;)

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