Inactive [ADMIN/FUN] ForceField 1.6 - Create a force field to protect your land and items. [1.2.4]

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    ForceField - Create a force field to protect your land and items:

    Version: v1.6

    This plugin will allow you to create a redstone powered force field to protect your land and items. There is no configuration file yet so you will have to settle with the default settings. When this plugin is fully finished you will have the ability to change almost everything in the configuration file. Please post any (constructive) suggestions and ideas here.


    Video made by Marty.

    1. Type /ff or /ForceField to toggle "Building Mode". (Requires: Place permission or OP)
    2. Place down some ForceField blocks. (default: Clay Block)
    3. Power the blocks with redstone and you're good to go :p.
    • -> Allows you to place (and remove) your own ForceField blocks.
    • -> Allows you to place any blocks in a ForceField zone.
    • ForceField.remove.override -> Allows you to remove any blocks in a ForceField zone.
    • ForceField.damage.override -> Allows you to bypass player damage from ForceFields.
    • ForceField.pass.override -> Allows you to pass through any powered ForceField.
    • ForceField.pass - > Allows you to pass through your own powered ForceField.
    • Create a ForceField that keeps out players, kills monsters/players, and prevents grief.
    • Choose your own ForceField block.
    • Permissions support.
    Change Log:

    Version 1.6:
    • Made it so creepers can't blow up your powered ForceField.
    • Made it so water and lava can't flow into your powered ForceField zone.
    • Made it so others can't attack you in your powered ForceField zone.
    • Made it so others can't toggle/break/place blocks within your powered ForceField zone.
    • Added the ability to pass through a powered ForceField.
    • Added the ability to damage players on contact with a powered ForceField.
    • Added more permissions.
    • Added /ff and /ForceField
    • Fixed small bugs.
    • Removed annoying message when you place/remove a ForceField.
    Version 1.5:
    • Updated to support 1.2.3.
    Version 1.4:
    • Added the option to disable the mob killer.
    • Added new permission node "ForceField.remove.override".
    • Everyone now has access to their own placed ForceField. (Admins can override this)
    • Removed permission node "ForceField.delete".
    Version 1.3:
    • Added configuration.
    • Added the option to choose your own Force Field block.
    • Made Force Fields go down now.
    Version 1.2:
    • Added Permissions support.
    • Fixed bug with mobs dropping multiple items on death.
    Version 1.1:
    • Force fields burn mobs.
    Version 1.0:
    • Just Released.
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    Thats cool and alll... But will it bend?!
    Why you raging... :(
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    Any screenshots how does it look in action?
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    I'm going to upload a video of it in action soon.
  5. Can other players disable it?
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    Yes, if its powered by redstone and a lever they could just flip off the lever if its in reach.
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    wow! very nice plugin..

    Please keep it alive, it has GREAT potential.

    Also: the force field deny other players entering the area as well ?
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    Thanks, Yes other people can't enter the force field when its on also :p.
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    Amazing plugin i really like it, but why clay might i ask ?
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    Thanks, i chose clay blocks because they aren't used that often like other blocks and you have to have permission to create or remove a force field, so i put the force field blocks as cobblestone and the player didn't have permission they wouldn't be able to place or remove any cobble at all, i will be adding the option to change the block soon though :p.
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    Oh , Awesome : ) , and suggestion , along with the one way Force Field's can you make one that only kills mobs ? so players can go through but not mob's
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    Sure, that was a idea i was thinking about but wasn't sure on adding ;).
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    i think it would be kind of cool to have that around houses and towns and stuff
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    great plugin :)
    but you should make the block sponge, since you cant find it in the world or create it unless you have another plugin, or creative mode enabled.
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    You can change it in the config now

    Suggestion for the config , make a option for the force field to go down or not , or make 3 force field blocks 1 goes up 1 goes down and 1 goes both ways ,

    Also , the force fields are not burning mobs any more

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    Anthoyn Shaw

    yes i love that they work, but Im hoping they will start burning mobs again soon cause they are kind of a lost cause until then. but wonderful idea!
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    Strange, I'll get to work on a fix for that right now. Well i got it working better, I'm still working on a way to ensure they all burn but since there's no method to check when a mob moves i have to use a thread and check all non player entities. I just tested by spawning 10 mobs and they all burned the first time, i tried it again and they all burned again, the third time 9/10 burned.
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    Anthoyn Shaw

    Workig again :) as far as i can tell :)
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    Is it possible to do so that the mobs do not die in the interaction with the field?
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    I think creating hidden one would be amazing as well like digging 2 blocks placing the redstone all over the house 2 blocks down and then cover the top with dirt or whatever it will look much better as people wouldn't know if there's redstone around it or not!
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    I'll work on adding that.
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    I like the plugin. Only problem is that monster no longer burn by it, Or get repelled. Pigs, Endermen, Or chickens. Just walk right through. While I get pushed.
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    Like i said before there is no build in method to check when a entity movies so i had to make my own method, I'm working on a fix for this.
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    This plugin could be a revolution in players area protection. I'm considering implementing it on my server, but I need the follow options:

    1) The redstone circuit can't be destroyed by other players. (This could be easily done with LWC, so this is not a feature request at all)

    2) force field owners could add other players to an whitelist so they can join the protected area

    3) legacy permissions2/3 support (dunno if it already has)

    4) options to make it less CPU intensive (like disabling the mob entering the force field checks)

    I have a 400+ server so 4) is mandatory for performance issues.
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    I plan to add the option to disable the mob checker later on.
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    Maybe instead of blocking someone from placing clay if they dont have the permission node, you could add the ability to use a command to start the placement/destruction of force fields, meaning that people can only make a force field with the command active, giving everyone else the ability to place clay without the node or worry that they can use the plugin.
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    Looks really neat, but I'm having a crazy CPU problem with this one. Running #1185 with a bunch of power hungry mods (Dynmap, Glowstone Lanterns, Mob Repellers, Tesla Coils, Movecraft) and no major issues, but installing Forcefield alone pushes the server from 1% CPU to permanently over 50%, without building forcefields or even logging in any players.

    2.8G AMD x2, 2G RAM, Windows XP 5.1, 32 Bit Java SE 6 Update 26, 67 map regions. Any ideas? (Other than LOL buy more RAM? :rolleyes:)
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    Its most likely the mob killer part, I'm adding a option to disable that feature and it should fix it :/
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    Seems like it should be fixable without switching off features - maybe if you post the relevant functions somewhere the dev community will spot the snafu?
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    allow me n=to ask some stupid questions... can others including the person who mad field destroy redstone clay or switch. can u come in from above or below?

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