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    Announce 3.0 - Announce things through out the server
    Version: v3.0

    I'm rather new to plugin developing so i made this simple one that could be helpful to people with custom chat plugins that only allow people a few blocks away to hear them. So I made this announce plugin to allow admins to announce important messages throughout the whole server.

    Now permissions support! Want moderators to be able to send announcements, but have admins only be able to turn on and off? Now you can :)

    Thanks for the color help from @Cr3dos

    • Enabled/Disable announcement (can not send them when disabled)
    • NEW IN 2.0a!:
    • Colored Text Via A Configuration File
    • tagcolor = the color of the word in the bracket
    • tagname = the name of the string in the brackets [tagname] message
    • msgcolor = self explanitory
    • bracketcolor = color of the "[" and "]" New In 2.1
    • Auto Updates Config File :) (dont need to reload it if you make changes to colors)
    • If you enter a color that doesn't exist it defaults to white
    • The new version has the commands, and the commands auto update the config file :)
    Color List:

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    • aqua
    • black
    • blue
    • dark_aqua
    • dark_blue
    • dark_green
    • dark_purple
    • dark_red
    • gold
    • gray
    • green
    • light_purple
    • red
    • yellow

    • /announce on - turns on ability to announce
    • /announce off - turns off ability to announce
    • /announce send <message> - announces that message IF announce is on
    • /announce messagecolor <newcolor> - change the message color NEW
    • /announce tagcolor <newcolor> - change the tag color NEW
    • /announce bracketcolor <newcolor> - change the "[" and "]" colors NEW
    • /announce tagname <newtagname> - change the name inside of the "[" and "]" NEW
    Permission Nodes
    • announce.on - enables /announce on command
    • announce.off - enables /announce off command
    • announce.send - enables /announce send command
    • announce.modify - enables /announce messagecolor, tagcolor, bracketcolor and tagname NEW
    Upcoming Features:
    • Integrate Permissions Completed in v1.5
    • Allow Colored Text Completed in v2.0a
    • Automatic Messages
    v3.0 (v2.1) (v2.0a) (v1.5) (v1.0)

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    Version 3.0
    • Added the new commands (/announce messagecolor, tagcolor, bracketcolor, tagname)
    • Added new permission node for those commands
    • New menu to explain commands when you just type /announce
    • Cleaned up code big time.
    Version 2.1
    • Added bracket color support
    Version 2.0a
    • Added color support
    • Added configuration file
    Version 1.5
    • Added permissions support
    Version 1.0
    • Plugin Released!

    Review by @jamescosten
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    :D trying this out!
    Does it support colours btw?
    so if we type /announce send $5Hello There!

    nevermind sorry. i didnt read properly
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    I'm working on that. :) Just integrated permissions updating now
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    Nice job! Ill get the update when its released
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    Should be up :)
    Please tell me what you think
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    Ahhh, I've been wanting to post for this in the requests forum and now I'm at my parents house with my laptop and can't test >.<
    I'd like it to be fully customizable though, like the tag, tag color, text color
    For example it could be: [Broadcast]Server Shutting Down for 5 mins.
    Being able to use color tags in the message would be awesome too but basically I want my players to see the difference between the server Say message and my announcements.
    Love this plugin already, though I haven't installed it yet :p
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    Thanks :) Means alot because its one of my first. right now it just says [ANNOUNCEMENT] Message. I think im going to make a config file for a few configurable options like whats in the tags so for example
    [Server Admin] Server shutting down in a few minutes
    instead of console messages.

    Update: Thank everybody for posting your requests. I'm currently in the process of developing colors for it. I've decided to take the route of having a config file. This will allow you to customize the tag (the part in brackets), tag color, and message color. Here is the layout
    [tag] message.
    The admin will set those options. Maybe in the future after this release, I will code it to be changeable via commands.
    Yet again, I thank everybody for checking this out :)

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    To enable colors: Use a char like $ in your message following by color-codes(1-f ) and replace it by ยง<number> in your plugin.
    Like: $1msg$f

    If you dont needed the tip, I never said it ;)
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    Well I am using colors just a different way. But ty for your tip :)
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    I would use this plugin IF it were "here". when i was looking for a plugin such as this.
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    Well, just wait until Plague comes along :p
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    Who is that!!?? :p
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    :O <--
    that is all.
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    OMG lawl hes the guy who puts it on the Plugin Releases thread isn't he?
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    he is bukkit staff yes :p


    it is here
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    Is now in the plugins release area.

    Having Issues With Colors If Someone Could Message Me!

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    Can you possibly attempt to make it so you can set diffrent things at random? for example one time it might say Hello. Later it might say Hi. (i think that would be amazing to use this to send tips to players.)
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    I may integrate automatic ones in the future, but as of right now i'm trying to input colors. Having quite an issue with it.

    Colors added! Thanks cr3dos!

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    Nice one Cronikkk!
    I'm definately going to use this now !!
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    Thanks :)
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    Added bracket color support! 2.1 release :)
    Future Comings:
    I plan to implement a few commands which allow you to change the colors via command then will auto update config file. Expect them in 3.0 :)
    Also going to clean up the code a little bit. That will probably be along with 3.0. Expect a nice release for 3.0 :)

    Thinking of including my Welcome message with it as well. Who knows!?

    I'd really appreciate some comments/suggestions!

    Version 3.0 Released!
    Added Commands!

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    Nice! I'm liking this more and more :p
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    Suggestion: presets and/or saves of certain color/tagname combinations.
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    Can you explain that a little bit more?

    Thanks :p Appreciate it!

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    No probs anytime :)
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    Currently an Announcement has configuration for three colors (tag, bracket, message) and the tag string itself, right? What if you could save and load these settings, for the sake of convenience?

    To illustrate in my typical fashion, imagine this was a chatbox by an Announcer:
    Chatbox (open)

    /announce messagecolor red
    /announce tagcolor blue
    /announce bracketcolor white
    /announce tagname PATRIOTS
    /announce send "Patriots FTW!"

    [PATRIOTS] Patriots FTW!

    /announce save PatriotPreset

    /announce messagecolor white
    /announce tagcolor brown
    /announce bracketcolor blue
    /announce tagname ESKIMOS
    /announce send Nowai! We pwn!

    [ESKIMOS] Nowai! We pwn!

    /announce save EskimoPreset

    And now that you've saved them...
    Chatbox (open)

    /announce load PatriotPreset
    /announce send FRICK YEAH


    /announce load EskimoPreset
    /announce send asdf

    [ESKIMOS] asdf

    @jamescosten Sweet banner, by the way. :)

    EDIT: Tag for @Adamki11s
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    I see what your saying now. Hmm. I'll look into that.
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    Why thank you :)@Adamki11s made it for me.....hmm why it not tag him?
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    Thz pretty sick

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