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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Timberjaw, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Well, it's not (just) the fault of iChat, since I don't have that plugin and still get annoying broken color codes ("[0m") at the end of all chat messages (as well as in other places).
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    Yeah I used to just get the colour code &7 etc before text but that was kid of easy to ignore, this build added many random Xm texts in the chat box.

    Also another thing. The server requires daily booting due to the server log taking big chunk of the memory (I assume). Shutting it down when the log takes the server memory usage to over 1 Gigabyte ( I do have 6Gb of ram) takes a long time and the server becomes unresponsive, usually crashing java.

    Speaking of the chat log it's quite annoying to read what is going on on the server when the chat window pops to the end every time something happens on the server.

    Great GUI, just needs some improvements. :)
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    So when I fire it up, i briefly see the cmd prompt flash, then nothing. However, the server is running in the background, im just stuck with no GUI, no cmd interface, nothing. Just a server running without any interface.


    Help appreciated.


    win 7 64bit
    4gigs ram
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    When you close the GUI using the big red x button it will keep the server running in the background, you should look into fixing that so that it unloads the server on exit.
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    Alright, i dont want to repost everything on this forum again. I dont know if it is just bukkit or this plugin. I got a block error and when I connected to the server some of the world was replaced with dirt and air.
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    @Zamatica Not a Crafty error as best I can tell. Sorry.
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    Permissions 3.1.6 support please? Maybe make a version for Permissions replacing Op with Rank Up and Deop with Rank Down?
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    :( All I get is "A Java Exception has occurred"
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    Love your plugin!!!
    But people seem to be getting the problem: could not find javaw.
    I have the answer. I have modified crafty.bat and it works(for 64 and 86-bit)
    Download and try!!!(Note you have to rename crafty.txt to crafty.bat.

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    Im Very new here i get "A java exception has occurred"
    Sorry if this is a very nooby question
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    Open question to Crafty users:
    Has anyone tried out MC Server GUI? It appears to have a more substantial feature set than Crafty, and more active development. I'm curious if it's worth continuing Crafty's development given that MC Server GUI appears to be a better application on paper.
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    MC Server GUI is too much, way beyond the simple wrapper it once was.
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    @mdt7734 Thanks for the feedback. That's an interesting point. Can you elaborate? At what would would you say it went overboard?
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    Before, it wasn't java, it ran the server, showed players on, backed up worlds on a schedule

    Now it is java, has some kind of proxy you have to set up to list players that won't work for me, eats memory, has a bunch of other features i don't care to bother using.

    That's the basics. I really don't wanna go trashing the guys work, since it is quite a bit of work, and it probably works exactly as intended, it just intends too much.

    All i want is a simple gui wrapper that shows who is online and a buffered log.. That's pretty much what Crafty is. Except I get the error everyone above is getting when I run it.
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    @mdt7734 Thanks for the info. It gives me a lot to think about with regards to how much functionality Crafty should provide. "Simple" has generally been my goal (though MC Server Gui's feature set is very impressive).

    What error are you having? There are a few common issues people seem to have (the most common being a Java setup with no PATH entry). @pyongyang99's .bat file might help if that's the issue you're having.
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    This one. "A java exception has occurred"

    Batch file does the same thing.

    I defined the path straigth to my x64 jre7 version of javaw.exe as wella s my x86 version of jre6
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    @mdt7734 Puzzling. I'm on an x64 version of jre6. Is that the whole error? Not much to go off of, sadly. :(

    When you say you defined the path, do you mean you set your Windows path variable, or do you mean you changed the .bat file to be like:

    start /b C:\Progra~1\Java\jre6\bin\javaw -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar crafty.jar "-nojline"

    In your Windows path, you should point to your jre's bin/ folder, not the javaw.exe file itself.

    Also, PATH changes don't take effect until reboot IIRC. Kind of a hassle.

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    @echo off
    start /b C:\Progra~1\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar crafty.jar "-nojline"

    And it is a gui window that pops up that simply says Java Virtual Machine Launcher in the title, and a red X with "A java Exception has occurred" and an ok button.
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    @mdt7734 See what happens if you ditch the -X??? options and the "-nojline" bit.
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    I Followed Your Instructions, But When I Double Click The .bat File, It Opens For A Split Second And Closes Again?
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    I did that, as well as run it straight from both x86 and x64 of both jre7 and jre6, the x64 versions both give me the same "A java exception has occurred". Both x86 versions give me "Coulld not find the main class: com.aranai.crafty.Crafty. Program will exit."
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    If you're considering slowing or changing development of Crafty, have you considered teaming up with the Pail guys? Your app looks so, so, so much better and runs smoother, but I like their modular plugin-based approach to features and functionality.
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    @Southpaw018 I'm mostly interested in gauging public opinion right now. When I released Crafty, it was the only Java GUI around for Bukkit as far as I know. Now that there are other options available, I want to make sure that Crafty is still providing a distinctively useful experience in some way, which would make continued development worthwhile. If Crafty still has users, and those users prefer Crafty over the alternatives for whatever reason, that makes it worth my time (otherwise I would probably just continue basic patching for my own use, since I'm a major sufferer of NIH Syndrome ;) ).

    I just took a look at Pail. I'm not sure I'm a fan of how they support plugins; each plugin has to provide its own fully set up JPanel. Very flexible, to be sure, but pretty heavyweight. I'm not exactly sure how I would do it myself though, so kudos to them for developing something that works. Plugin support of some kind is something I've had in the back of my mind for a while; I want Crafty's built-in functionality to be very minimal, but I'd love for plugins to be able to extend that.

    Right now my main priority is fixing the color code issues and possibly addressing some of the startup issues people have been having (Java's startup errors are next to useless, unfortunately, and Java's installer does a terrible job of making Java apps easy to run).
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    I'm definitely using it and love it, thanks a lot for your time and work!

    One thing I noticed, by default the craftbukkit.jar isn't named "craftbukkit.jar," and nowhere in your "how to download/install" do you tell us to rename it. This was the cause of my "Could not find the main class: com.aranai.craft.Crafty. Program will exit." error, and I'm sure many other people have had the same issue.
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    How did you manage to get the players and their status? I would love to know. :)
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    Anytime I try to open crafty it gives me this error message:
    **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT! ****
    The exception was: Address already in use: JUM_Bind
    ...Even though I don't have java running anywhere when I look in task manager.
    Is crafty not compatible with Beta 1.7.3?
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    @Rynn21 Yes, it works with 1.7.3. Either another program is already using the port, or a firewall is blocking the port.
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    Thanks for the quick response. It doesn't appear like firewall is blocking the port, and I know another program isn't running it.
    I actually get the same error message when I try to load bukkit's .bat file too. It's really strange because although I'm trying to update to a 1.7.3 server, I never had this problem the first time 0.o.
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    @Rynn21 That's weird. You may have better luck finding help in the general bukkit support forum, or the #bukkit chat room.
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