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    CmdBlocker - Kick player that are using certain commands.
    Version: v1.1

    This was the Antixraycmd plugin, but after a few changes i decided to change the name.

    This plugin kicks and/or bans players that use a command that are listed in the config file.
    The default is set up for a simple and light protection against the '/ixrai12345' command.
    (This is a command that is issued when a player joins a SMP server with the Xray mod installed.) But you can add other commands very simple. You can configure every command the way you like. More info in the config file itself.

    I added NewbyModder's own xray protection in it. But this can be turned off in the config file.

    • Warns players that use a command
    • Kick/Ban user after a number of violations. (usages of a command)
    • Partial lightweight Xray solution
    • Permissions support (can be turned off)
    • Alternative of Permissions to allow players to use a command
    • McBans support (can be turned off)
    • NewbyModder's own xray protection. (can be turned off)
    • Runtime config reload with "/cbreloadconfig"
    This plugin does not provide a full protection against the Xray problem!

    To get full protection use the plugin of asdaarg, but this will use a lot of resources. This mod can be found here.

    Download file here. (version v1.1)
    Source (github)

    Default config.yml (open)
    ## Checks the version of the config file, dont touch this.
    configversion: 2
    ## sends the message ingame. can be set to 'admin', 'global' or 'none'
    ingame message target: Global
    ingame message: Player %player% used the Xray command and got %result%!
    ## Username used on mcban, use a contact name
    mcban username: server
    use permissions: true
    ## The permission node of an admin
    admin node: cmbblocker.admin
    ## removes all records when the player gets banned.
    ## I suggest let this stay on true, as it reduces the database size over time.
    delete record on ban: true
    ## adds NewbyModder owns disable script;
    xray protection: true;
    ## Prints all the commands on startup
    debugmode: true
        ixrai12345: ## xray mod command, is send when player enters server. Also used for the xray protection!
            ## how many violantions till getting kicked
            kick violations: 2
            ## how many violantions till getting banned
            ban violations: 2
            ## kick/ban after hit violation
            kick: true
            ban: true
            ## log usage
            log: true
            ## use mcbans
            mcbanlist: false
            ## node for permissions
            permission node: cmdblocker.command.ixrai12345
            ## Messages
            warning message: This command is blocked, to avoid getting kicked, stop using it!
            kick message: You are kicked from this server!
            ban message: You are banned from this server!
            ## Allowed users (use this when you dont got permis
            allowed users:
    changelog (open)

    Version 1.1:
    • Updated to 733
    • Added warnings
    • Fixed null reference
    • Changed command to avoid collision with other plugins
    • Added creating of config file when none exists
    Version 1.0:
    • Changed name
    • Added Permissions and McBans support
    • Added SqlLite usage, instead of loading it into the memory
    • Added config file
    • Added logger
    Version 0.1:
    • Initial Release
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    Please add the version to the title ... makes it easier for people looking for updates to their plugins ... and test for 818 please!
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    How do you add more blocked commands? I'm not quite sure how it's supposed to be formatted.
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