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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by XeonProductions, Mar 12, 2011.

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    Means to put where your world folder is

    Example: Mine is on desktop, and I named the server "Test" and the world, "world". My name is Gabriel

    So I'd put


    Sometimes with ", sometimes without them, other times it doesn't matter.

    I'm still having my issue guys :(
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    It flashes a cmd and then it closes really quick..what is wrong?
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    When I say (Name of world), I mean the name of the folder with all the world files in it. Also, you have to use cd followed by the path to the files (in my case, cd C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Server) and then java -jar Chunkster.jar (Name of world folder)
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    I still dont get this...Im sorry if this is fustrating but when i do cd it says cannot find "cd"...Please help
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    Wut. IDK what you're doing.
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    I think you are doing this:

    cd(press enter)
    file path of world

    Look, just do this.

    1)Make a copy of your SERVER folder and put it on desktop. Rename that copy as TEST.

    2)Rename the world in that COPY as world (if it isn't already)

    3)Put chunkster.jar on the TEST folder (NOT inside inside the world folder)

    4)Go back to your desktop. Put your mouse on your TEST folder, and shift+right click it. You should see an option to "Open command window here"

    5)Put java -jar Chunkster.jar world on the cmd

    6)If #5 does not work, try java -jar Chunkster.jar C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\Desktop\TEST\world

    It should work.

    PS: I'm still having my issue mentioned on this page on my first post. Would appreciate anyone's help please.
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    When i shift right click i dont get the option to open it on a command window...What do i do?
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    Well, you should. You have to press and HOLD shift, then right click, then let go of shift and right click. It *should* appear.

    Look here:


    If not, then just go to start>run>cmd and there type

    cd C:\YOURNAME\Desktop\TEST

    (remember, name your server's copy at the desktop TEST. if you don't want to, then just replace TEST in the above command with whatever you named your server)

    You'd literally do this:

    type cd C:\YOURNAME\Desktop\TEST on cmd. Press enter.

    After you do that, the cmd should look like this:


    If it does, then you did it right. Do this now:


    The command IS NOT:

    type cd on cmd. Press enter. Type C:\YOURNAME\Desktop\TEST. Press enter.

    That just won't work.

    Good luck and tell me how it goes.
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    Hello. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. But i have one more problem...I did all that and it says chunkster: region pointer repair utility v0.1
    usage: java -jar Chunkster.jar <world directory>
    what did i do wrong?
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    No problem. Just trying to help.

    That means you didn't do that command correctly (least that's what it meant for me)

    make sure you put either


    It should work then

    If it doesn't, then I sincerely apologize but I don't think I can help any further :( .

    Remember, I'm not the best person to give help on this. It didn't work for me either, but I got a different issue.

    However, if you get another error I WILL try to think of a solution :)
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    Thank you again for all your help. I was wondering if maybe you had TeamViewer? So maybe we could talk on skype and you could do it for me? Because im still getting the same error message. PM me with your skype if you have one or if youd like to.
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    Sure. My skype is gaby.rios.983
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    I ran it on my world and got this:

    C:\Users\Services\AppData\Roaming\.craftbukkit>java -jar Chunkster.jar World
    [Chunkster] Starting scan...
    [Chunkster] REGION LOAD World\region\r.-1.-1.mcr
    [Chunkster] Scanning region file x=-1 z=-1 file=r.-1.-1.mcr
    [Chunkster] REGION LOAD World\region\r.-1.0.mcr
    [Chunkster] Scanning region file x=-1 z=0 file=r.-1.0.mcr
    [Chunkster] REGION LOAD World\region\r.0.-1.mcr
    [Chunkster] Scanning region file x=0 z=-1 file=r.0.-1.mcr
    [Chunkster] REGION LOAD World\region\r.0.0.mcr
    [Chunkster] Scanning region file x=0 z=0 file=r.0.0.mcr
    [Chunkster] REGION READ r.0.0.mcr[1,3] = invalid length: 4195 > 4096 * 1
    Press any key to continue . . .
    It just stops there without doing anything...
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    Same thing here.
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    Thank god for this thing! It just fixed my custom map in 10 seconds. No joke :D Thank you so much!
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    I have an error in my world, pls help me.
    The Chunkster will make this error.

    [Chunkster] Scanning region file x=0 z=0 file=r.0.0.mcr
    [Chunkster] REGION READ r.0.0.mcr[5,3] = unknown version -2 Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at chunkster.NBTTagByteArray.readTagContents(
            at chunkster.NBTBase.readTag(
            at chunkster.NBTTagCompound.readTagContents(
            at chunkster.NBTBase.readTag(
            at chunkster.NBTTagCompound.readTagContents(
            at chunkster.NBTBase.readTag(
            at chunkster.NBTCompressionUtility.readRootTagCompound(NBTCompressionUti
            at chunkster.Chunkster.scanRegionPointers(
            at chunkster.Chunkster.scan(
            at chunkster.Chunkster.main(
    [Chunkster] REGION LOAD Server\region\r.0.1.mcr
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    Thanks for writing this! Worked great for me!
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    For the love of crap. In Command Prompt, type
    cd C:/Users/(Your user name)/Desktop/(Any more folders after that up to the server folder name, otherwise just put the server folder name)

    Then, before closing it, type
    java -jar Chunkster.jar (Name of the world/world folder)

    I have created a .txt file that, when edited and saved as a .bat file, will automatically complete the process for you after you've made all the necessary preparations. In steps, the process is:
    1. Download Chunkster.
    2. Find and copy Chunkster.jar into the server directory.
    3. Download my file.
    4. Edit the parts that start with "CHANGE THIS TO" to what applies to you.
    5. Select "Save As", change the file type to "All Files", rename it to (for example) "ActivateChunkster.bat", and finally, save the file.
    6. Open it and everything will be done for you.


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    Hey :D i really can't understand why this does nothing when i enter :
    all it returns is this
    any help would be hugely appreciated.
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    I'm noticing some new errors being posted here... I'll have to look into those. It looks like notch might have added a new type of compression algo on the chunks.
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    Just wanted to say that I use this all the time for when my server crashes (and when the power goes out) and it works like a charm every time. Kudos for developing this :)

    Try putting a backslash \ before all of the spaces in your world dir. So, it'd look like this:

    if that doesn't work, try removing all the spaces in your directories. That could prove useful for other stuff later as well ;)

    EDIT: Or put Chunkster in the same directory as your world file, and change the start code just to flat-out "termina". That's what I do, and it's simple to change whenever I need it.

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    First of all, that path you put for the second one should go where the first one is, and the second one should just be Termina. Try that!
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    hey i ran this it scanned fine and it found no error but my server still has a chunk error.. if anyone could fix it i would be VERY appreciative, link to download it is thanks it really sucks me and my friends put alot of work into it

    ohhhh and if there is more than one world there the name is LEGIT <-- thats the world thats broke!!

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    I have can fixed not in gzip format problem.
    1. Step do a Chunkster update. (write to a text file [java -jar "Chunkster.jar" Yourworldname] and save. Rename the file to run.bat and replace in the Chunkster/dist folder with your save)
    2.Step if you ever saved your working world you win the match but if you don't try this:
    3.Step With Old Save:Deleta all of your dat. files in your patched map and copy everything you have see in your old save. Edit: Do not replace the folders.(data,DIM-1,players,region) and you are done.
    If you don't have save:Create a new world with the same seed as your world and copy the dat files from the new wolrd and paste the the old. If you don't know your seed create a new world and copy the dat. files but it isn't work at all. Sry for my ban English.
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    when i type "java -jar chunkster.jar world" it says:

    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file

    what is wrong? Is there a missing space or letter i put? did i mistype it?
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    First of for making this plugin easy to use!

    ofc there's a but coming.

    But I'm getting some errors,

    [Chunkster] Scanning region file x=-3 z=-10 file=r.-3.-10.mcr
    [Chunkster] REGION LOAD haxhax/region/r.-4.5.mcr haxhax/region/r.-4.5.mcr (Permission denied)
            at Method)
            at<init>(Unknown Source)
            at chunkster.RegionFile.<init>(
            at chunkster.Chunkster.scanRegionPointers(
            at chunkster.Chunkster.scan(
            at chunkster.Chunkster.main(
    [Chunkster] Scanning region file x=-4 z=5 file=r.-4.5.mcr
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
            at chunkster.RegionFile.close(
            at chunkster.Chunkster.scanRegionPointers(
            at chunkster.Chunkster.scan(
            at chunkster.Chunkster.main(
    Quite possibly its an easy fix, but I'm at a total loss here.



    EDIT: running chunkster under root account instead of special MC account in centos fixed my problem.
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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    This worked like a charm:)
    Absolutely perfect, now i don't have to remake months of work!!
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    I dont know what you mean by this:
    The compiled jar is in the "dist/" folder, simply put Chunkster in your
    server folder and specify the path to your world name, then run the following.
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    Open the Chunkster folder, go into dist, cut/copy and paste Chunkster.jar into the folder with your plugins folder, run.bat, etc. For the next part, my .txt file probably explains it best.
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