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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by XeonProductions, Mar 12, 2011.

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    so, chunkster is only running if the world is corrupted? thats bad because I just tried exactly that and chunkster runned for 20 minutes than I stopped it. :/
    If thats true I probably have to start a new world (mine is 1 gb big and I dont know if chunkster can handle this?)
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    To be honest, I'm absolutely no pro, it tooks me ages this morning to figure out how to run it! What did you see in the terminal, was it giving you messages? That's all you can go on... instructions for this thing are dismal!
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    Does this still work with the Anvil map format, or does it need to be updated?
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    I ran Chunkster before updating to 1.2 just in case.
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    Nope, looks like it needs to be updated.

    Huge hassle... most or all of the programs that do map analysis are either completely incompatible, or only partially incompatible. I really hope they don't change the map format again. These utilities are written by volunteers, and they don't necessarily have several days to sit around and re-engineer their software!
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    Minecraft Region Fixer and MCEdit are already updated to Anvil, just takes a bit of time. ;)
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    Question ; I've got a map with inverted chunks, does this tool can correct this ? :(
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    Hey XeonProductions , are you working in an update? Really need this for my server's health :(.
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    Apparently, it does not (running 1.2, not Anvil).

    Damn, I don't even know how those chunks have been inverted
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    Big vote up for an update here. Experiencing world corruption post 1.2.x update and it's really creating problems due to a power outage.
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    Requesting an update for the new minecraft maps... 1.2.3
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    Hm. Anyone able to find a replacement? The author appears to have vanished.

    also, there REALLY needs to be a tool like this that simply comes with minecraft. It's such a basic and obvious tool that would be required by ANY map, single player or non...
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    how to use mc edit to repair a world? my server still have lag cous i have a 36gb og log files..pls help me..
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    Delete de LOG FILE! D:
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    Has anyone updated this for 1.2?
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    Are maps still getting corrupted in 1.2+? I can rewrite chunkster for the new world format.
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    Maps are still very much being corrupted in 1.2. Perhaps even moreso. I have about 40-60 maps waiting in queue that I can't really fix easily without chunkster. I have other tools, but they are proving to be unreliable.
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    I think a lot of maps are geting jacked up in the upgrade process. Currently have a map that we cant access because of errors.
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    So this doesnt work anymore? =/ I was using it on 2.3 maps thinking it was doing something
  20. you should do it
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    please do! :D
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    Yes please rewrite it! Have to constantly restart my server because there is a bad chunk somewhere.
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    An update of this app would be ~really~ awesome!
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    I would love an update. There is a chunk in one of my Donator's private worlds that crashes anybody as soon as it is loaded, and corrupts their game file so they can't log back in until I delete it. I need to fix it somehow, but I can't find any other tool.
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    Can't wait. :)
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    XeonProductions an update would be great, speaking on behalf of the Multiplay tech support. :)
  27. XeonProductions Please update this! My world got corrupted when my server crashed, currently when I try to run it it starts the scan and then comes up with "Press any key to continue ..." which closes Command Prompt.

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    @XeonProduction We could really use an update for this. I have 2 customers who have corrupted maps during 1.2 and chunkster doesn't work currently. Me and my entire FragCorner tech support staff need this plugin asap.
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    Reason #1 to warn customers that bukkit is dev build and shouldn't be used for production servers.
  30. Actually there is a beta build which is stable enough and maps still get corrupted on RB.
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