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What name would you prefer?

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    I don't know exactly where to put this, since it's not really a plugin, yet a utility. Since chunkster has gone unmaintained me and my team (Pinoy Gamers Dev Team) have picked up the reigns and are writing a brand new "Chunkster" for the Anvil format. The internal name is called "Blacksmith", although some of us are calling it "ChunkMaster". What we need is your corrupted anvil world files! Upload them to a dropbox, or some file sharing service and we will download them and start working on getting the tool perfected!

    Expected Features:
    • Removal of bad chunks
    • Removal of specific entities
    • Removal of all entities
    • On the fly repair of files as a plugin in bukkit (maybe)
    What we need from you:
    All your corrupted Anvil file format worlds so we can test our plugin on them! (yes, we will send fixed world files back!) Upload them to dropbox, mediafire, etc. and send us a link. Once we get it to a point where it is fixing most errors without throwing errors itself we will release a beta for all of you to test and report back on.

    We have enough corrupted worlds for the moment! We are now working on processing them and optimising our code to work with all of them.
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    I'll see if I still got the corrupted file.
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    Blacksmith sounds good.
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    chunkmaster sounds better ;)
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    Advertizing-wise chunkmaster is better because Blacksmith doesn't relate as much to the product you would expect to get from such a name. There's also the Search that would be messed up with Blacksmith because people would search more often with keyword "chunk" then "smith" to get a chunk repair tool.
  6. i support this !
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    i have a 900~mb world you can test with, ill PM you once i have it available for download.
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    yes my world its big to im goimg to upload to dropbox and send the pm to you
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    Awesome guys! The more worlds we can test our plugin with the better! We already have one world that was sent in that we are tweaking the plugin with (it has some pretty bad corruption in it), but we would like to see other forms of corruption so that we can correct those as well.
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    :) ziping :)

    ok i send it to you by PM in bukkitdev, but if you whant give me your email.

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    I didn't get it, are you sure you hit the send button? If you want to send it via email you can send the link to thetux2 [at] gmail [dot] com.
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    Uploading a 1.06gb zipped map. Will link as soon as its done i hope you can find the corrupt chunks in it and hopefully fix them :)
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    Tux2, what map size are you able to handle?

    After the default MC converter failed, it bloated my map director to 80.1GB...
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    80GB! Wow! If you can find a place to upload it send me a link and we'll take a look at it. We won't be able to send it back to you, but we will send you the copy of ChunkMaster that we used to fix the errors. Unless of course it brings it back down to a normal size.
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    It's back up to 85% complete again, with only about a dozen or so errors. If it fails to complete this time around, I'll 7z the crap out of it and upload it to my web server for download. :)

    The map was around 45GB or so before MC started it's conversion, so I'm assuming that MC waits for the conversion to complete before purging the old copy.
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    Ah, that would make sense. If you read the technical reference on how it converts to the new anvil format you would see that it never actually deletes the old region files and just keeps them there in case you want to revert back or something. Once your map converts you can safely delete all the mcr files.
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    Awesome! Thanks Tux2, I didn't know that. That will be my top priority once this thing calms down. :)
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    Sent you a pm on bukkit dev with our map :)
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    No problem. :) I do tech support for a Minecraft hosting company and the conversion to the new anvil format was making all the clients run out of room on their vps's because they didn't know that minecraft kept all the mcr files! (I don't even remember how many support tickets we got about minecraft servers not starting up...)
    Got it! I'm downloading it right now. :)
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    Can we have an estimate date for a realise ?
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    It will be released when ready, just like the CraftBukkit releases.
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    The conversion finally completed successfully! I purged all MCR files and everything seems to be working just fine.

    Thanks Tux2!
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    No problem! I'm glad to know that everything is working out for you now. :D
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    I think that my minecraft server world is corrupted when a biome changes there is usually a 10 block drop or rise and sometimes there will be a mountain cut in half. I have uploaded the zipped file. If you need any more information then just message me.

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    Please send me a message at robotarms (at) g mail (dot) com. I'm sure I have 500+ maps with bad chunks, as I provide it as a service. Chunkster was fantastic, until Anvil came out. Now fixing is a much more manual process.
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    Wow, 500+ maps huh? We'll be sure to clue you in when we have a working alpha that's for sure! We just can't accept 500+ maps to review with the program right now.
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    I can't wait for this tool to be released :)
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    This sounds promising! An replacement for Chunkster with support for the anvil map format is really needed.
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    One of our main worlds has a Chunk Error and it looks like there is not a current release. Do you have a bETA release for testing or can I make a link available to you for download still?
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    Tux2 would love to help you with corrupted files - the issues here are...
    The map file is 2GB large... unable to currently upload that heh
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