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    Do you have a lot of players, and your chat is spamming with alot of messages? Did you skip the 'help' messages? Ok, now you have RequestHelp which is announcing you who needs help by writing in the chat one word! Of course you can choose what words can the player type to alert you!


    - You can help everybody!

    **Config file:**

    #help-words: <Here you can choose what words can they type to alert admins>
    Example: help-words: help, somebody


    - /rq - Base command.
    - /rq words - Gets the words from the config file.
    - /rq answer <player> - Answer to a player when needs help.
    - /rq finish - Finish the player's request.
    - /am - It's like tell but it is admin message.


    - rq.getrequest - Announce the person that somebody needs help!
    - rq.seeanswer - See when somebody answer to a request.
    - rq.answer - Can answer a request.
    - rq.finish - Can finish a request.
    - rq.words - Can see words from config file.
    - rq.main - Can see the main scren help.

    **To do:**

    - Download RequestHelp
    - Put it in the plugins folder.
    - Start the server.
    - Edit the config file.
    - Reload the server.
    - Enjoy!

    - Vault


    - Fixed permissions to commands.
    - Added vault dependencyes.

    - Release



    Donate ( PM ME):

    Why donate? I worked hard to make my first advanced plugin, and i want to buy a premium account, cause i don't have enough money... :)

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