[ADMIN] Blocks v0.1 - shows when someone breaks a block [1000]

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    Blocks - shows when someone breaks a block
    Version: v0.2

    Shows when someone breaks a block (iron doors right now).

    How to install: drag and drop Blocks.jar into your plugins directory.

    • Displays a global message with coordinates when someone breaks a iron door
    Download The Plugin:
    what the plugin does:

    To Do
    • Add ability to change what blocks cause alert message (most likely a property file)
    Change log
    Added color to message and logged coordinates!
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    very nice!first plugin? if so glad to see your trying out java :D! you definitely should addon to this.


    x,y,z coordinates logger
    config for bilingual
    Colored Messages
    shows what tool broke the block.
    permissions - make it so only mods/admins see the message.

    If you need help dont be scared to ask around. Some devs are a bit harsh, but most are friendly and supportive.

    EDIT: BTW use this if you get stuck.
    These contain all the major methods/classes/etc of bukkit
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    ya this is my first plugin, converted from C! ya ill import the org.bukkit.ChatColor for your color suggestion, for coordinates would i be able to do something like this:

    Player player = event.getPlayer();
    Location loc = player.getLocation();

    int bla1 = loc.getBlockX();
    int bla2 = loc.getBlockY();
    int bla3 = loc.getBlockZ();

    server.broadcastMessage(pname + " has broke blablabla at: " + bla1 + bla2 + bla3);

    never mind i figured it out! :D

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    Ill use it when you make it so the properties file says where who took what. Nice plugin though Thumbs up!
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    it would be nice if it were for signs too

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