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    This server plugin allows you to connect to your Bukkit server console from your PC using an Windows portable app developed specially for this plugin. The app requires JRE installed on your Windows.​

    This can be very useful when your server is hosted by some game hosting, so you do not have any access to Terminal like it would run on Linux VPS, and your hosting does not provide you much access to server console.
    Or it can be useful when you want to give somebody access just to console, not SSH to Terminal.

    • Stand-alone portable app is for Windows only
    • Both 64-bit and 32-bit apps are available
    • Password protected access
    • Remember last app login credentials
    • Plugin requires one available port for accepting Windows app connection
    • Colored console, supporting underlined/bold/italic texts
    • Arrow up/down for using previous commands in console
    • Console commands for showing connected Windows apps and disconnecting the apps
    • Right click contextual menu, allowing to set you console font, save the console to local file or find text in console and much more!

    64-bit or 32-bit?
    This is very important.
    Download the 32-bit version if you have 32-bit JRE installed on your system. If you have 64-bit JRE then use 64-bit version of the app.
    Notice: You can't run 32-bit version of the app with 64-bit JRE!

    Login window:

    Next to the login window is located a list with remembered servers on your PC:

    Console window:

    When you click with your mouse right button in the console window, this contextual menu will appear:

    Window Find text...
    When the text is found it will be highlighted in the console!

    Window Set font...
    Selected font will be remembered and used in future too!

    Server plugin commands
    These commands can be used only from the console!
    • /atc l - Gives you a list of all connected clients
    • /atc d <ip> - Disconnects the client with the IP address
    Server plugin config file
    • port - Used by the app to connect to the Bukkit server
    • password - It is always hashed when remembering in the app and when authenticating
    • ip-list - List of allowed/denied IP adresses
    • allow-mode - If set to true, only the IP adresses from ip-list will be allowed to connect, if false, these IP adresses will be forbidden to connect (= deny mode)

    Do you like my work?

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    awesome! finaly got a good way to share my console with admins without giving them access to files! thanks!
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    hmm very good plugin, I shall test it on my website.
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