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    Though not entirely a new concept this is one thing I realized that some larger servers might want. Have you ever felt wronged by another user when no staff are on, then this plugin is for you. It provides a report system to help catch griefers and other n'er dowells.

    You are able to, using permissions, give certain groups the ability to file a report, view reports, and deal with suspected trouble makers. Settings can be toggled to require payment to submit a report, or have a cool down time set on them.

    This gives server admins the peace of mind knowing they don't have to be on 24/7 to catch every griefer. Because when a user files a report their location and the reason for the report are saved and can be dealt with later. So when an admin does check on the list of recent reports they can instantly tp to the area of the offense to make their own judgement about the problem.

    I am still stuck in the early testing phases but considering how quickly this is moving so far I am rather optimistic about when I can finish this. I will upload more details about the project when I get back to my computer.
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    This would be pretty cool; especially if you used a few catchy terms for things. (sheriffs, suspects, etc)

    My imagination is wandering off thinking about the possibilities of saving the state of the crime scene and letting admins revert to how it looked when they filed the report. Very Minority Report.
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    EP!C 39!C <3

    Just take your time, I know this plugin will be an instant hit.
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