Adding sound to teleportation event

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Beans, Aug 12, 2012.

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    i have been trying to add the Blaze_Shoot sound when a player teleports inside the teleport even, but i cannot figure this out for the life of me. Here is my event.

    public void onPlayerTeleport(PlayerTeleportEvent event) {
            final Player player = event.getPlayer();
            if(event.getCause() == TeleportCause.COMMAND) {
                if (player.hasPermission("NinjaTP.Smoke") && ninjas.containsKey(player.getName()) && ninjas.get(player.getName()))
                    for (int i = 0; i <= 20; i++){
                    player.getWorld().playEffect(player.getLocation(), Effect.SMOKE, 4, 16);
                    player.getWorld().playEffect(player.getLocation(), Effect.ENDER_SIGNAL, 4, 16);
                            player.getWorld().playEffect(player.getLocation(), Effect.BLAZE_SHOOT, 0, 50);
    player.getWorld().playEffect(player.getLocation(), Effect.BLAZE_SHOOT, 0, 50);
    so all the other stuff works, like the smoke and the Ender signal, but the sound is not playing. can someone help me please?
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    Moved to plugin dev.
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    First guess without really diving into it:

    Do "null" instead of "0" in the 3rd parameter
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    Maybe play the effect 1 tick later, at the player's new location?
    You are 100% sure the code is being called? Put a log statement in there to be sure.
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