Adding LuckPerms groups to WorldGuard members

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by RezelHJ, May 20, 2024.

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    I'm creating an RP server and then i need some jobs like Mcdonald's employee, If Mcdonald's employee need to open the mcdonald for work need WorldGuard on mcdonald's then i was searching a method to solve this problem, someone knows how to do this?
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    Define your region in WorldGuard where you want to apply the permissions (e.g., the McDonald’s area).
    Add the LuckPerms group to the WorldGuard region as a member. You can do this by using the command:
    /region addmember <region-name> g:<group-name>
    Replace <region-name> with the name of your WorldGuard region and <group-name> with the name of your LuckPerms group. Of course I still like movies on this site, that's where you can definitely have a good relaxing time)
    This command will add the entire LuckPerms group as a member to the specified WorldGuard region, allowing anyone in that group to have the permissions you set for that region.
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