Adding furance fuels [solved]

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Digi, Oct 9, 2011.

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  1. Is there any simple way of adding furnace fuels ? Simple like furnace recipes.

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    One way is to put the fuel in the furnace. I think to do that you have to get the inventory of the furnace and put the fuel in the fuel spot but I don't know how to work with inventories.
  3. I meant *new* fuels... like using water to burn the furnace.

    And I don't think by forcing a item into the fuel slot would make it burn xD it also needs burn time setting :-?
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    @Digi, Try looking at entitys. Whenever I put fuel in the furnace, I see a entity message in the log saying something about the furnace.
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    IMPOSSIBLE.. This will require Spout.
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    Not really, because. This isnt client side, i would assume that when someone puts in a bucket of water you could trick the furnace into thinking it has real fuel in it.
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    if it is possible to activate the furnace with code then all you would have to do is check if there is something that can be smelted in the top part and what you want to use as the fuel in the bottom part then activate the furnace for so many ticks and then take away the "fuel" from the bottom part
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    I thought that originally but i dont think you can power a furnace from nothing. You might be able to set the state to one with a certain amount of ticks left(i know thats kinda like what your saying).
  9. It seems I found out by myself anyway.

    FURNACE_BURN event triggers for non-burnable items aswell, then I just getFuel() and check against my item, and set setBurnTime() and setBurning() on event and VOILLA, the *easy* way :}
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    Wow, good job i never would have bothered with Furnace_Burn, that's actually really cool just make enderpearls never run out :p
  11. did this result in a plugin? I'm currently looking for something like it
  12. I already added it to my recipe manager and I hope I'll get to release it soon, but it's not yet complete because I need to fix some other stuff.
  13. alright, sounds cool. is it configurable to add any item you want as a fuel(and time/efficiency)?
  14. Yes, that was one of the simpliest features to add, but one of the coolest.

    I'm really struggling to check when a recipe is beeing used so I can block it if it's in the blocked list OR return some items in the crafting grid if it's a custom recipes that returns additional items (like cake returns buckets aswell)... that might take some time tough because I can't just release it like this, it's unfinished and the whole banning recipes concept is screwed now xD
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