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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LonelyBlue, Feb 12, 2024.

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    Can anyone a make a Achieve SMP Plugin Where every time you kill a player or gain 4 achievements you get a heart but every time you die you lose a heart and when you are out of hearts you get banned. Another thing in the plugin can also add a custom item where when crafted with 4 emerald blocks, 2 diamond blocks, 2 netherite ingots, and a lava bucket in the middle you can remove any achievement you gained and you'll have the chance to re get it for more hearts.

    P.S - Max Heart cap is 20 and people who has op and change how many hearts you have
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    So how does that fancy advancement remover thingy work? Is there a specific crafting pattern you need to adhere to? What is the resulting item after you craft it? How do you use the thing after you craft it? And are we talking just normal Minecraft advancements? What server version is it for?
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    The item is called a Achieve Token it will remove a random achievement you gained without the cost of your hearts and you'll be able to re gain the achievement and get more hearts and there is a specific crafting partern emerald block in the corners diamond blocks on middle left and right, netherite ingots on top middle and bottom middle and a lava bucket in the center. You use the item by right clicking it and the server version is for 1.20.1.

    Does This answer your questions?
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    I've added two items, one that removes a random achievement, and one that allows the player to select an achievement to remove from a gui. Both items can have their recipe changed from the config, and they can be disabled if you don't need them. Check out the config notes to see how to configure it.
    • /asmp reset: Resets the specified player's achievements and health.
    • /asmp give [player] [simpleRemover/remover] [count]: Awards a remover item to a player.
    • /asmp reload: Reloads the plugin's configuration files on the fly.

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