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    Plugin category: AdminTools, ChatRelated

    Suggested name: AcceptTheRules

    What I want: I want a plugin that hooks on to Essentials for the use of /rules. Basically, I want a plugin where before the user can play, he/she has to type /rules prior to /accept

    In other words, when a player joins for the first time, the only commands he'll have access to is /rules and /accept (he also won't be able to move). And, before they can type /accept, they need to type /rules

    Ideas for commands: /accept - Accept the rules

    Ideas for permissions: accepttherules.accept - Needed for above command

    When I'd like it by: This week?
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    Good idea! If only I could code! ;)
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    Ill try and finish it today maby :)
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    Can do it but i don't know how to do a Rule file soo :p

    I will need your rules :p
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    Thanks guys! And MrMB2013, my essentials rules?
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    All the rules that YOU want :D
  7. MrMB2013
    What will he do if he wants to change his rules? You shouldn't hard-code them into the plugin. I suggest learning how to use YAML files before taking this on ;)

    Francais (je sais que c'est votre langue naturelle):
    Qu'est qu'il va faire si'il veut changer ses règles? C'est n'est pas bon de "hard-code" ca dans le plugin. Je vous suggère d'apprendre d'utiliser les fichiers YAML avant de faire ce plugin ;)
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    I know a bit of Java, if he does it like that, I can change them if he gives me the src

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