[ABANDONED PLUGINS] I will bring them up to date for you! {help required updating, loads to do!}

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by codename_B, Mar 1, 2012.

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    What is bChat? There are LOADS of bPermissions compatible chat plugins out there.

    Also if you don't like the working of bPermissions I'm more than happy to change it for you.

    What do you need?
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    I think he needs help with PEX!
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    I kinda fixed the PEX problem now, and it works fine. But there still is something you could do for me and you might find it too much, I could donate you.
    Could you CREATE a plugin that sets your group of permissions at PEX, in-game. I dont like the pex commands.

    And also:
    Could you update Trademod: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/in...th-multiple-economy-plugins-support-714.9224/
    And if you could please keep Trademod working with BOSEconomy :D

    ps: You deserve a award.

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    That goes here: http://forums.bukkit.org/forums/plugin-requests.13/
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    Ill update some of your plugins :D
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    please give a list, maybe other people can profit too...
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    What happened to the updated plugin list that was supposed to be posted every page?
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    It's not really abandoned.. But my server really needs it, updated and working. Please read the full post before commenting about it already being updated.

    BetterShop ( Link )

    It was updated for 1.2.3 March 5th, But other plugins seem to conflict with it. For example, The Plugin works perfect until I install Essentials or Citizens. I think it simply gets confused on what Economy system to use.

    I've been peeking around at the code, but don't know how to decompress/recompile java.. If someone could just update the plugin to FORCE use iConomy 6 That'd be awesome. I've been waiting for replies from the developer, but have received nothing.

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    I have no issues with donating considerably if you can address the list i posted a little bit ago.
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    bPermissions commands are a lot better

    Out of those, narrowtuxlib/showcase is a no-can-do but the devs ARE about.

    stealthlogin, vip,and fruitful yeah will add to the list.

    wormhole xtreme I think someone did?

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    wormhole extreme is the one I need the most right now.
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    Is there a link to any info on the virtualshop update? I wanna be ready when it comes
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    jack palauskas

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    this is one big one that i use to always use! but it became un-active :(
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    Justin Quach


    I bet there would be 50 pizza's at your door after this.
    It's 5 KBytes.
    I wanna learn how to decompile and recompile it, but alas the last time I tried it was pure misery.
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  21. then again you are biased ;)
    Personally I like the PEX commands more. Good thing there is more than one good permissions plugin :) because in the end all it came down to for me was which one made me do my things easier. For me it's PEX, for others bPermissions.
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    What about the pex commands do you like, just out of curiousity? :)
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    I also wanted a new version of this, so I made one. It's not the same, and it doesn't have as many features, but here you go: download.
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    when is the google docs sheet going to be up with all the plugins that are going to be updated?
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    xcraftgate seems to have stopped my mobs from spawning anymore. I don't know why mobs all stopped working, plus the server just up and crashed when I used a gate to another world once.
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    I use it, too! :D
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    well we have one but idk if the elders want me to share it. not that we dont trust u all but it is editable :)

    Updated WebAuction!

    download: https://github.com/downloads/Bukkitupdate/WebAuction/WebAuction.jar
    src: https://github.com/Bukkitupdate/WebAuction

    NOTE: plugin is untested and you still need both Vault and SignLink for it to work.

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    ur next after SignRank :)
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