[ABANDONED PLUGINS] I will bring them up to date for you! {help required updating, loads to do!}

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by codename_B, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Here's a tough one:


    Registers your forum account in-game. No spammers on your forums!

    Updating it to the new event system is easy, but threading the SQL queries is desperately needed and is the part that's beyond me. Anyone willing to take this up?
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    Still a work in progress, nothing on it as I post this, but I just finished compiling all requests from pages 1-4 and will add those in before I continue.

    Once all requests are compiled, I will go back in and edit in the DL links to the requests that are already done.

    Then I will go through and find the ones the original dev has already updated.

    Then I will attempt to find the source on as many of them as I can.

    THEN I will begin addign in the replacements that I know of

    (If anybody wants to go through and find the ones the original dev has already updated for me, and mark them ,I will give you edit rights and I would love the help.
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    Silly me for compiling in Java 7, try it now :)
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    No? I use assembly and web languages. I just don't know java-- Or want to. Sorry? It actually is a very easy task, considering the only thing different are the entity names. derp
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    Please update MobBounty, I will love you forever!
    Oh, and also that Vampires plugin would be great too.
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    Ooops, sorry, I shouldn't have guessed. I just see so many posts like that and that was when I finally cracked. It just had to be the one that WAS the developer, right :p
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    Robert Pendell

    Minecart Mania if at all possible.

    BukkitDev page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/minecartmania/
    GitHub source: (multiple links...)

    Note that this plugin not only needs updating to run with 1.1-R4 and newer but also somehow we need to get it to pickup current permissions plugins (i.e. superperms). The plugin itself does not support superperms and required a bridge. Currently bPermissions, PermissionsEx, and PermissionsBukkit all removed their permissions bridge support once 1.1-R5 came out. This may need to be picked up and forked by someone else.
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    How about essentials. and lockett
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    They both are updated.
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    how about Icomany
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    Personally, I wouldn't use it :p I prefer to use region based protection such as that in WorldGuard
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    hay 1 more thing how about AuthPlayer
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    how about hbanks, http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ec...-with-100-more-bukkit-permissions-1060.28373/

    I really wanted this plugin to work as I spent a ton of time on my server building a bank specifically for this plugin only to find it isn't updated for 1.1...

    everready calm down, people dont just sit around waiting for a request on this thread, and updating a plugin takes a lot more time than a few seconds...

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    Showcase works right?

    Please update these plugins (order = most important to less important):

    Alerter *VERY IMPORTANT*
    Thread~ Source
    CommandSigns *VERY IMPORTANT*
    Thread~ Source
    Planetoids *VERY IMPORTANT*
    Thread~ Source
    worldMode *IMPORTANT*
    Thread~ Source
    CartJump *IMPORTANT*
    Thread~ Source
    WorldInventories *IMPORTANT*
    Thread~ Source
    HandyTorch *IMPORTANT*
    Thread~ Source
    BlockHat *IMPORTANT*
    Thread~ Source
    GlowHat *IMPORTANT*
    Thread~ Source
    Thread~ Source
    Thread~ Source
    Thread~ Source
    Thread~ Source
    Thread~ Source
    Thread~ Source
    Thread~ Source
    FastMining (Author is working on it)
    Thread~ Source
    Thread~ Source
    Thread~ Source

    NOTE: Maybe I missed a source code on the thread, maybe you can find it...
    Very veeeeerrryy thank you!

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    All you're doing here is getting yourself moved to the back of the list. Why should you be given priority over others? Especially when you're copying the big red image style we use to HELP people by drawing their attention to the fact that they ARE done. Also if the author is working on it, why should we also do it?
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    That's already updated. If you go to townys dev builds you have a recompiled on their.

    If the author is working on fast mining get rid of it + Blockhat has already been updated. Stop spamming codename with the same post, it's covering up other peoples posts that DIDN'T make a list that he probably won't do. Read the main post he's on a break till the weekend.

    Edit: Worldinventories is already updated. Do you seriously not bother reading, your just being lazy now.
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    I am very sorry, and thanks for the updates. I don't meant to spam or something like that!

    Where can I find Blockhat??? Can't see it anywhere...

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    Go on bukkit dev. Let me get this straight. Your spamming codename even though you haven't really done the checking yourself, that's just lazy/selfish.
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    • Needless bumping
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    thanks alot man! ;] for telling me that
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    My server is almost updated to 1.2 YEY
    All of my plugins are updated except one of them, Rakamak.

    I'll show my support if you could update it until the weekend because I really need it!It's hard to switch to another auth system if you have an offline-mode server...all the passwords will be reset and maybe people will steal admins accounts

    Link to Rakamak:
  25. So how about SignLift? Has this one been requested yet? If not, I would love to see it being updated. :) It might be too much work, it hasn't been updated in a while. If its too much work, just forget about it man! :)
    Thank you in advance codename_B , its really amazing you are doing this!
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  27. FYI, it's been updated by the original dev and does work under R6 and the current 1.2.3 betas (it's on dev bukkit).
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    Use the updated Authme!
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