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    I need a plugin that when a command is activated in game, in the console, or in command blocks, it will actvate another command. And it needs the let the commands be able to be stringed over and over. And if you could, maybe be able to add delay

    Name: Domino Commands
    Permissions: None
    Commands: None
    When I would like it by: Preferably as soon as possible

    Trigger Command 1:
    Trigger Command 2:
    Trigger Command 3:
    Response Command 1:
    Response Command 2:
    Response Command 3:
    Delay For Command 1:
    Delay For Command 2:
    Delay For Command 3:
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    Please give an example of how this would be used. I don't think i understand.
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    Well I would type in a command (Or a command block/the console would do a command) and it would actvate another command, and could have the possiblity (if I set it to) to activate another command ect. I would use this on my server so I don't have to scheduel every command because I have delay and they actvate one after another.


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    Use commandhelper, which allow to make aliases and redirect commands.
    it also allow to run more than one commands at the time, only whit one.
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    Locked. Duplicate.
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