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    Plugin category: ADMIN

    Suggested name: WorldProtect (Or something like that)

    What I want: I'm well aware that there are plugins out there that can protect worlds, WorldGuard is one. But I would like one that can work for an ENTIRE world, with one command. Like, you could set it up so players could only build above Sea Level, and can't below it.

    EX: You can set it up so no player can build above layer 64, sea level, but can build below it for mining.

    That's basically what I'd want, and if it could hook into WorldGuard so regions could be placed so the plugin wouldn't affect that region, that'd be great.

    Ideas for commands: /WP Build <allow/deny> <above/below> <Y Cord>

    Ideas for permissions:
    wp.build > Allows you to use the WP command.
    wp.bypass > Bypass the plugin.

    When I'd like it by: Soon hopefully :)
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    Well, takomari, if you want to protect the entire world, you can use the region __global__ for WorldGuard. That would affect the entire world.

    Also, do you know that you can edit the region properties in plugins/WorldGuard/worlds/<world>/regions.yml?
    You can just edit the cuboid to encompass the entire world (set it to a million or so).

    So, you can flag __global__ with build:deny, and set the priority to 1. Then, you can create a region, that goes from (1,000,000, 0, 1,000,000) to (-1,000,000, 64, -1,000,000), with a priority of 2, and build:allow.

    Hope that helps! :)
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    You can use WorldEdit and make a flag like build deny eg. /region f __globel__ build deny and that should add the flag to the current world that you are in.

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