A simple restart plugin for people who use server hosts

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  1. I use a server host without ROOT access. There are plugins out there which require me to run .bat files and modify configs i have no access to. Could someone please make a plugin that restarts a server and kicks the players for a certain reason when restarting? And i just want it to be for server hosts specifically. Thanks!
  2. I don't think this is possible without editing the .bat because the only way to restart a server is turn it off and then back on. They need to add a restart command or something.

    Let me do some testing.
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    Use remote toolkit, it has auto restarts and remote restarts.

    Also, if your host doesn't have a control panel where you can restart, stop, and start your server, you need to find a new host.
  4. OK, I have made it so it close's the server and opens it again, the only problem is that when you "/stop" a server the console asks you to "press any key" to close the actual program, Meaning if you restarted the server 5 times there would be 4 windows open asking you to "press any key"

    Here is an example, I restart the server once, it stopped the server and opened it again. But the problem is the original window is not closing because it needs a key to be pressed:


    If anyone knows how I can completely close the original window without editing the .bat please tell me :)

    @ pigplushy Toolkit requires you to edit the .bat files and most server host's don't let you change them because its dangerous.

    And there is no "restart" command.
    And he wants to schedule a restart using a plugin but a plugin can not use the hosts "restart" function.

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