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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Insanehero, Jul 11, 2011.

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    A plugin that will teleport you when you close a chest. Basically, like the buttonwarp plugin but with chests.


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    Teleport you where?
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    I built a plugin and installed it on your server last night. When you close a chest you are teleported to the place you were standing when you opened it. Enjoy! Please Donate...

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    You should suggest that to buttonwarp, or a plugin that already does teleporting. As a side note, to any dev who wants to pick up this request, I suggest the bukkitcontrib as it has a close chest event (as far as i can remember).
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    Wow, you guys are quite helpful........

    No, but like with buttonwarp it teleports you to a place of your selection. I would use this in a massive dungeon a made with phatloots and creaturebox. I want to make it so players can't wait till the loot resets so it teleports them so they can't log out and wait for it again.
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    use chestrestock to restock chest.. you can choose to restock a chest only once for players who haven't used it before

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