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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by YT_Judge, Mar 2, 2020.

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    Plugin category: Footprints/Footsteps

    Minecraft version: version 1.15.2

    Suggested name: Footprints/Footsteps ...

    What I want: Hello I have been trying to find a footstep plugin that will show footsteps when a player walks(the footsteps need to be visible to all players). I am well aware that there are a few footstep plugins, however most of them don't work with 1.15.2 so a console error pops up. I have found 1 or 2 that do seem to work (no console error pops up) but they too don't work in game! So it would be really appreciated if someone could make one for 1.15.2 and compatible with PaperMC too.

    Sorry for spelling errors!

    Ideas for commands: [/footsteps off] [/footsteps on] and for quick use [/fs off] [/fs on] OR [/footprints off] [/footprints on] and for quick use [/fp off] [/fp on]

    Ideas for permissions: A permission that when given to players (e.g with luckperms) allows them to use the above commands.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever the plugin is 100%complete!

    Thank you very much for helping!
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    Can you explain what do you mean with footsteps?
    Only thing I can imagine right now are particles laying on the ground behind the player.
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    Hello that's what i mean!
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    @YT_Judge To preface this, I am not making this plugin. I am just asking for extra information related to how you would like the plugin to function.

    1) Would the footprints be timed, distance-based, or permanent? If they are timed, how long do they last? If it is based on distance, how many steps should be remembered?

    2) Which particle effect would you like to use for the footprints? There any many options and some might not be as you intend (e.g. if you want them to be somewhat had to find, a trail of Redstone dust may be too obvious).

    3) Do prints follow the player or only exist where real prints would? (e.g., if A player is sprint-jumping, should the prints have gaps?) I know this seems like an obvious question, but this question better defines the goal and reduces the number of possible solutions that the dev can use.

    4) Are the commands to turn footprints off and on global or individual?

    5) Do you need the footprints to exactly match where the player's feet hit or is putting them in the middle of the player's hitbox acceptable? Tracking the animations of people's feet is harder in Bukkit than just getting their position and using that.

    6) What do we do in the event of discontinuous motion? (E.g. the player warps away, uses an ender pearl, is struck by a knockback/punch weapon. Essentially, anything that causes a noticeably large gap in distance between prints.) If you are unsure of this question, I would suggest letting the dev who takes this project decide.
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    @JRL1004 Hello!
    1) Footprints should be timed! Probably several ticks
    2)The particle should be the one that was added into minecraft but never actually used.(A semi transparent little square same as the players feet dimensions)
    3)Footprints should obviously appear when the player is touching the ground so when he sprint-jumps the area where he was in the air should obviously not have footprints.
    4)I do not know what that is!
    5)Yes the footprints should match with where the player's feet are.
    6)The answer is too obvious..E.g when a player throws an enderpearl, footprints should not appear in the gap but should appear when he lands!When someone is launched back with a nockback weapon, he is technically in the air! but when he stops he technically lands so footprints should appear in his position when he stops and not in the gap that is created !

    I hope you can understand me!

    Oh I think that I understand what you said in 4)
    There should be global command to turn footprints off for everyone! /footprints disable and footprints enable and for quick use /fp disable and /fp enable OR /footsteps disable and /footsteps enable and for quick use /fs disable and /fs enable

    And then an individual one it should be as i said in my first post and permissions should exist for both global and individual
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    add to your information: the footstep particle got removed in 17w47a (1.13 Snapshot)
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