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  1. Preferably with an NPC. I guess its no longer simple then by definition though :)

    Im looking for a plugin that will simply enable people to barter for example 1 sapling and get 1 leaves in return. the idea is basically to give players access to blocks that are otherwise not accesible. for example you could trade in 5 strings and get the new spider web block. most barter and shop plugins requires a virtual currency, or is locked to 1 specific item, ie. gold ingots.

    so what i want is an easy to setup and configure, npc, chest or sign or whatever, that simply gives x amount of a specific block but takes y amount of another block from your inventory.
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    I#m searching for a similar mod, where you can barter stuff with other player.
    A system like
    "/barter give glass 128 want diamond 2"
    Than you should lose 128 glas from your inventory and the bit should come into a list with a number like

    #1 - 50 cobblestone for 20 clearstone
    #56 - 128 glass for 2 diamonds

    the people who wants to make a deal now could tipe "/barterdeal 56" and loses 2 diamonds from inventory and gets 128 glass....

    the one who creates this barter, can check out his deals "/bartercheck" and get his proceed with "/barterget" when he comes to the server to prevent that his inventary is full...

    Something like this is my idea... but i have not the skills to implement that :/
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