A shop plugin that DOESNT use chests.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Hadraniel85, Feb 1, 2014.

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    I've seen them before on other servers but can't find them. Im looking for a shop plugin that DOESN"T use chests. Chests don't exactly stack next to each other very well.

    Does anyone know of the plugin that just uses a slab. and you rightclick to purchase 1 item. and shift-RMB to buy a stack?
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    Use essentials shop

    It's like

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    ...umm does that use a block, a chest? is that a command?
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    Hadraniel85 Essentials uses signs for the shops. There's no chest and you can put the signs anywhere. Look at the Essentials wiki for information on how to format the different types of signs. I'm pretty sure it supports buy, sell, trade, and free.
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    got it. thanks.
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    Villagershop :)
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    I am also looking for a shop plugin that uses signs and no chests,but I cannot use Essentials.
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    Sadly the only one that I can find is BetterShop for sign use, it hasn't updated to 1.7.2 so you can't use items that have been released for that minecraft version or later.


    I use it and I think its fantastic, sign shop, and/or have a global shop.

    Wish it would update though..
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