A question about creating a public bukkit server on your personal computer

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Itay080, Dec 7, 2014.

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    Hello, I would like to create a public bukkit server on my personal computer before hosting it so I can see if I succeed, but before I do it, I would like to know if there are any dangers that a Hacker will use the server's IP (which is my computer's IP) and will hack my computer?
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    If you don't turn off your (router's) firewall (port forwarding), nobody can access your local network.
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    Zupsub, I never turn off my Norton 360's firewall, but the firewall doesn't have any ports, what you mean by it? firewall
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    Itay080 Well, that's not more risky than it would usually be. If someone really wanted to hack you, they would do so without you hosting a server. Now the only thing that changes is that your IP is public. However, keep in mind that what you "hack" is generally interesting data, which is why you often see servers being hacked. Despite what people think, there are actually few means to really "hack" someone with only an IP adress (now Windows is another story :)). What makes you hackable is running software that is poorly configured or managed, or has exploits, like a web server. That's why you are very unlikely to get hacked in the way you mean : there is probably nobody on earth that could just take control of your PC with your sole IP adress with no additional actions on your part : when you're infected by a virus, that's often a combination of both your software's and your fault (you clicked/downloaded). With basic protection (firewall, antivirus), it's very unlikely that you will get hacked by a random person if you did absolutely no action for that. And if you were, it wouldn't be Bukkit's fault for sure. You are as safe as all other servers which use Bukkit on that part.
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    Windows is another story in a bad or a good way?
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    Itay080 Bad way for many reasons (privileges, large audience...), but that doesn't change my statements. Windows is largely despised, but it has greatly improved, at least from a consumer's security point of view. For the same reasons as above, you won't have to worry too much even on Windows. Sure, there are breaches, but every single OS has some. When a huge security exploit is discovered, it's often patched. You are as secure as all other users of your OS if you don't run additional dangerous services : and Bukkit isn't one. And for all the "1337 hackers", who know unknown exploits, why would they target you? :) You shouldn't be so paranoid !

    Again, I'm not writing a security thesis. ;)
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    I would say like others aslong you have a router active and by pulling down dmz so you dont have automatic every port open which some isps do in requirement of a shared tv or something else, you are safe but I also would recommend to update java especially if you use jre7_?? there is always a thing called social enginering it could be just a random friend of skype who suddenly starts attacking you.
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