A plugin which delete the drops on death

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    Hello all. I'm looking for a plugin for months now, and ... I'm still searching now.
    I guess a plugin like that doesn't exist or is not R5-compatible, so I post here.

    I need a plugin which can destroy the items of a player when he die.
    I'm creating a PVP arena and I don't want players to drops a lot of stuff on the ground when they are killed, so I would like to have a plugin which can delete items for me.

    I need to activate it only in certain worlds.

    Thanks ! :)

    PS : Sorry for my bad language :/
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    Is that your plugin ?
    Also, thank you, but I don't understand what the permissions node exactly do ...
    (I'm using groupmanager)
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    GroupManager is inactive, isn't it?
    Let's see...

    There should be a folder for every world you have:

    Now there should be a file called groups.yml inside that folders.
    Edit that and add the line nodeathdrops.nodrops

    example groups.yml with added line:
        default: true
        - essentials.help
        - essentials.help.*
        - nodeathdrops.nodrops
        inheritance: []
          prefix: '&e'
          build: false
          suffix: ''
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    Mhh, first I don't think that GM is inactive.
    Then, that way doesn't fits very well to my config ...
    I have a LOT of worlds, and that is truly PAINFUL to change the permissions separately.

    So when I want to add a perm, I generally change only one config (the main world one) and GM copy it automatically in the other worlds.
    So if I have to make separate worlds, that will be the same as before : if I want to add or remove a perm, I'll have to do it manually ...

    So, is that possible to make a simpler config ? Like many other plugins, like just a list of worlds where the plugin is efficient ? :/ (if you don't mind, for sure !)
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    I don't know why people don't read the tutorial/wiki before they are installing a plugin like GroupManager (Essentials).
    Permission nodes are one of the easiest ways to handle multiworld stuff.

    Where's the problem to add that one line to your permissions configs ?

    Otherwise just ignore my posts. Maybe someone other will do it.
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    I don't know how to explain it in english, that is already enough hard to explain in french ><

    Whatever, thank you for your work !

    Erh, I'm sorry, but I REALLY need something better than a cofnig with groupmanager.
    Can't you just add a config file where you can set a list of worlds which are affected by the plugin ? :/

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    Thank you DeathMarine, but somebody already did this for me.
    If the plugin I have isn't satisfying, I will try yours, also, thank you.

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