A Player Log Out Event?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Gater12, Mar 23, 2014.

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    So I stumbled accross an obstacle while programming: Is there of any way detecting the reason of disconnection? Like a normal disconnection, timed-out, crashing, etc. is there of any way of detecting that?
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    Gater12 I've found something that might be of interest, in the ProtocolLib API, there is a Disconnect Packet (I believe it is a packet), could try and use ProtocolLib to work with it
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    You could also probably find the time since their last keepalive packet somewhere and check if it's over the limit to disconnect them server-side. That way you could check if the client disconnected or the server disconnected. As far as I know you can't detect if they time out vs if they crash, though. Both have the same result on the server, which is the client won't respond to keepalive packets, so they get disconnected by the server.
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    Isn't there just a PlayerQuitEvent
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    Yes. But it isn't possible to get the cause of the disconnection.
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    as already stated - Disconnect packet will do job, server do know reason by it's own
        public void channelInactive(ChannelHandlerContext channelhandlercontext) {
            this.a((IChatBaseComponent) (new ChatMessage("disconnect.endOfStream", new Object[0])));
        public void exceptionCaught(ChannelHandlerContext channelhandlercontext, Throwable throwable) {
            this.a((IChatBaseComponent) (new ChatMessage("disconnect.genericReason", new Object[] { "Internal Exception: " + throwable})));
    you can hook to chat messages
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    RawCode Huh, if it uses those to disconnect a player I wonder if it's possible to use the 1.7 tooltips on the message. Something tells me it won't work, but I'll have to try that out later.
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    Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

    changing stuff inside lang file does not work (or i did something wrong)

    it will be extra easy to just add log4j console handler and catch messages like above to track reason of disconnection, it wont be difficult to track source of messages
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