A New Bukkit-Integrated Permission System

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Would you like a Bukkit-Integrated Permission System over current alternatives?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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    When are we going to get a bukkit-integrated permission system out of the box?

    Plugin Developers: Would you contribute your system if could be integrated?
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    What do you mean by "bukkit-intergrated"? You mean built into bukkit by default?
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    would we be able to import any of our settings from current permissions plugins into it without having to completely rewrite them all? and would it have the features of all of them combined or whatever features you believe worth having?
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    What would be the advantages of this?
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    Yes. Since all the hard work has been done by the plugin devs, one could just be chosen to be integrated and improved upon. Thus any future plugin development would know exactly which Permissions plugin to support (rather than a multitude of different permission solutions).

    You wouldn't have to worry about a permission plugin becoming obsolete or abandoned (assuming bukkit is maintained). Also it would unify all plugin devs to use 1 permission plugin rather than having to potentially support many.

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    I would be nice if there is Default Permissions in Bukkit, so all Plugin have to do Permissions, but you should can choose between Permissions and OP-System.
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    I would definitely be fine with this. but then again, for me it'd be an import settings, much easier than making plugins that support permissions :D
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    it would be cool.
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    I approve of this, we need to get rid of this pseudo "chaos" (Obviously not too intense, considering Yeti's work) caused by plugin redundancy. One system to RULE them all.

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    I'd probably prefer Bukkit to offer a generic interface for it.
    Kinda like the economy API thread a while back.
    I'd like a "Just interface" option in the poll :)

    There's different ways to tackle permissions, but often they still have the same or very similar public API.
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    I agree, Bukkit plugins thats in the same category should have som sort of ISO like standard, take for example all the economy system, iconomi, BOSEconomy, essentials eco and etc.. should have the api interface so plugin devs can use them all with ease.
    Therefore i think an integrated permission feature in bukkit would be the step in the right way.
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    I don't see this happen any time soon. These permissions plugins are just to complex to be easily integrated into bukkit.

    If you create just a simple permission system, it will lack the features that the current Plugins have.
    I don't think bukkit has the manpower to integrate a full permission system like Permissions 3 or Group Manager at the moment. They still have months old bugs open and now there is the code freeze again, because of the next Minecraft update.

    We are currently letting Group Manager die (because of lack of developers), and move over to Permissions 3. So there will be only one permission plugin in the future.

    Just my opinion

    @alysdal: There is already Register that unifies all economy systems.
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    PermissionsEx? :D
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    Sorry wasn't aware of that. Its just that many plugins i use still only supports Iconomy.
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    Actually, bukkit has already a permissions system. It is only not released.

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    Nothing against the other guys, but it seems the Permissions 3.x has the versatility fill in this roll and at large enough team to help the bukkit crew build all of the fuction in. Seems like a no brainer though. Plugins should all have an easy to understand api to hook into for permissions, in addition to op-only option.
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    I personally enjoy how Permissions 3.x is working at the moment. Once set up is complete it's a breeze to maintain (at least for me, there are only a handful of users on my server). I wouldn't be against a Bukkit Permissions though, and I'd like to see their take on how it should work.
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    Very good idea! I would love it, Every time I install permissions I get errors...
  21. I have a similar problem with Permissions. I edit the .yml files but when I run the server I always get an error and my plugins start without permissions enabled. It is probably something with my syntax but I can't figure out how mine is different from what the examples instruct me to do. I use Notepad++ to do the editing.
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    Pastebin a config and I'll give it a look. I've used every permissions system released so far. I'm still glad to see that they've built this in to the bukkit.yml now.
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    Ah an error. With this error you have to do this and that. Remove this following syntax and it should work.

    If you want an answer, you should be precise. Also test your yml if it is valid. There are several testers online (e.g. yaml online parser).

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