A meeting with Mojang Specifications

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 20, 2011.

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    On Wednesday morning, as I'm sure most of you already know, the Bukkit team had a meeting with Mojang Specifications regarding their popular game, Minecraft. Going into the meeting, we were hoping to tackle the licensing issue right out of the door. Unfortunately, due to some people being unable to make it, it turned out to be a different type of meeting than we had intended.

    With only the developers of Minecraft able to attend, the meeting quickly turned into a technical discussion about what ideas we all had for Minecraft, how modding should work and so on. As we learned a lot from this meeting, we felt we should share some of the points with you. However, please understand that absolutely nothing said in the meeting is set in stone or final and can change at any time.

    So, here's what we learned:
    • Modding support will likely start as server-side only at first, then later is hoping to expand to the client-side
    • Single player is most likely going to be changed to run through a local server (this is also to enable modding)
    • They are hoping to make texture modification easier, without having to modify the client
    • They like what we're doing but need to provide us with a better alternative to the way we're doing it
    Some ideas they're considering:
    • Generic gui support
    • Server -> client communication to allow popping up an interface, etc
    • Being able to tell clients to follow different rules, like physics
    • Giving modders the ability to (make signs) show text
    While we did not have time to address our licensing issues, we believe we can honestly say that this meeting was just the beginning of a long-term relationship with Mojang Specifications. Nonetheless, we're hoping to contact Mojang Specifications specifically about our licensing issues soon.
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    Thats... unfortunate. I guess
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    Thank you for the info EvilSeph, I was hoping for bukkit soon.. How long do you think it will take?
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    This sounds very promising (apart from the licensing "derail" which kinda sucks) - while I'd personally like them to devote at least some attention to performance and current bugs, modding tools and functionality is also hugely important - and the sooner it comes, the better. I'm very glad Bukkit didn't just get a "wtf are you even d- STOP! STOP!!" message, that'd suck and I don't think I'm the only one who feared that to a little degree.
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    This seems rather interesting :)
    This is the first mod team I've been into that actually talk to the developers of the game.

    I'm just becoming more and more impressed and amazed by Bukkit. So keep up the good work ;)
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    Great news! Thanks for the update! =D
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    I'm glad you all were able to take this first step to success. *cross fingers*
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    I'm happy for the meeting. Does not tackling the issues you wanted mean that bukkit will still be delayed?
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    And when release bukkit?
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    Well, that stinks that the meeting didn't go as planned. I hope you guys can get the licensing issues worked out ASAP so we can get a preview build of Bukkit up as soon as possible.

    Other than that I'm glad you guys have a relationship with Mojang and hopefully you can have a long, fruitful relationship.
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    Great news.
    Fingers crossed
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    Sounds like the lawyers were absent but the devs like the idea. Hopefully the suits don't come back and flip out. I really hope we don't end up having to wait for the official mod API.

    Anyway, thanks for all the hard work and the update!
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    This sounds like great news for server modders -- being able to affect the client in new ways and whatnot. But, as someone who has particular interest in writing client-side plugins, this is not at all promising news to me.

    By the way, what are the licensing issues anyway? From what I've seen, it looks like craftbukkit jar files actually include the entire Minecraft server code base. That, I suspect, is the major issue at hand.
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    Hopefully Mojang would be a bit more enthusiastic to have another meeting with you!
    Keep working hard for that licensing agreement.
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    While not what I was hoping for, it's considerably better than no communication at all.
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    I Don't see why all of you have such a poor view on how the results of this meeting went. No, they didn't tackle the licensing issue. No, we will likely not be receiving a released version of bukkit.

    However, the results of this meeting bodes well for Minecraft, Bukkit, and the community. What this indicates is an interrest to allow bukkit to become the official modding API.

    It also means that the idea is the reduce the complexity of creating a modding API by reducing the number of game components (converting SSP into a obfuscated SMP).
    They want to introduce the ability to deal with physics (Possibility for creating realistic water modifications, volcanoes?)

    The ability to make new interfaces for new objects as well, this would allow more readily for things like programmable gates, sheet music for NoteBlocks, etc.

    So stop being so pessimistic, have a little patience!
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    PassivePicasso, I didn't get this from the post above. Can you clarify where this statement comes from?

    But I'm also optimistic because I can see nothing but positives for the community out of this kind of discourse.
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    Thanks for all the hard work. Us server owners and admins love what you're doing, and appreciate all the effort. We look forward to a release date.

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    Great news! Thanks
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    will Mojang be releasing tools for modders to create mods or are they going to focus completely on support for other modding tools, like Bukkit's plugin assistant?
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    Finally info! Thanks a lot! :D
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    Wow this is kind of sad, I am devoted to the game yet starting to get pissed off that everyone cant come together and get the mods back running asap. This should have been done already. Not blaming anyone but Notch at this point, he should know that with the popularity comes alot of responsibility and he doesn't seem to be running that very well. I would figure the most important thing at this point for the company is to get the admin controls back up and running so we can all have our servers set at the latest client to play the updates. As of right now most everyone is having to run crappy vanilla, crappy whitelists or like us, just running server 1.1

    What is really weird to me, is I haven't been seeing as many complaints that I thought. I am devoted and love it but the issue is really starting to get to me, doesn't others feel this way as well?
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    Notch is a developer, the decision makers in the company are Carl and Daniel and we haven't had an opportunity to talk to them yet. I'm working on that.

    So please, guys, Mojang Specifications is a great company that cares a lot about their community. Things just didn't go to plan. Even if Notch wanted to support Bukkit, it's not up to him.
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    Isn't Notch CEO?

    In addition, Seph, can you please take your time to answer my PM or Mystik070's pm (they are based upon the same wishes)
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    So notch started the company yet he doesn't run it? I understand putting someone else in charge of certain tasks, but when your this far behind I would think you would force some kind of changes right away.

    Until this whole issue lately, I felt that Mojang is totally about the community, but this week has totally changed my mind and I dont like the way I feel. I want to go back to believing that everything will run smoothly. This is exactly what I figured would happen from someone that got popular way too fast to understand how to run what he has.
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    I dont get it. Whats the point of not releasing an official build of bukkit when everyone and not only developers can download and use the dev builds? I mean, isnt it the same legal issue?

    Or I am the one that breaks the law, when i'm no developer, but still use it on my server?
    I guess the only diference would be that a official release would keep being current for more time that the devs am i right? Or would the official release be updated 10 times a day like those dev builds?

    Sorry for my ignorance, but I dont really know those kind of stuff.
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    Ok this is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.... Notch and Mojang are keeping their game running well (minus their servers that were too small...). Their game is the 'Nilla Minecraft. Why is it their fault that hey0 decided to stop developing? You all, along with myself, chose to use mods, knowing that they were not officially supported. This is what happens. Its been a week... big deal. There are a few other wrappers out there that work fine, at least until Bukkit fixes their tiny GPL problem.
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    And what are the "few other wrappers" out there? Who was using something other than hMod and the plugins written for it?
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    That would be interesting. I saw nothing in EvilSephs post to suggest this though.

    About 2 minutes of Google Research, Or general intelligent thought that maybe the WIKI might have something about this?




    The last one, Runecraft is quite popularly used.. perhaps even more than hMod - I don't have those stats...

    and finally... http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewforum.php?f=1023

    The minecraft forums have an entire thread dedicated to mods and wrappers.
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    Ok, actually its been well over a week. Ever since mods have come out Notch should have realized that there is a NEED for atleast admin working tools. Im not talking about mods to make the game crazy or different. Im just talking about being able to protect your game map period. Notch should have realized before it even hit beta that this game needs protection on servers and right now the only way to do it is mods, though notch has made tons of money and got super famous over it. Its just about being able to play period without having to deal with a bunch of people crashing your maps. Griefing issues should have been the first thing to work on, not a damn piece of CAKE! Get that?
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 7:17 PM ---
    Yeah no crap, there aren't much things out there period to help protect your world. I know the most important things our server needs is WorldGuard and AdminTools to set groups for moderating and just spectating and such. Our servers have the ability to Whitelist for the latest release but im not about to go spend time trying to whitelist when alot of our server is based on the new people that join, not the people that are already there.
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