a GUI?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Daniel Bang, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Yes it does xD
    Maybe its time for some Change? [​IMG]
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    Daniel Bang

    are there no way to get a GUI yet? ^^
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    No, but that is no surprise. Its low on their list of priorities.
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    Daniel Bang

    @timerjaw :D u just made my day ^^ could u add in CPU usage? :S
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    of course it is boring.. it is a console window.. stop staring at it and play minecraft :)
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    who gives a crap...minecraft gui's all together at giving you accurate data? and doesent it make you feel smarter by using CMD? If you want to see EVERYTHING in your computer and how well its performing all in a little window that hangs around, then i highy reccomend getting Nvidia System Monitor off the nvidia website. Itll show you clock speeds in your GPU/CPU, percentade of ram being used, temperatures, read/write speed changes, ect!
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    Daniel Bang

    Carnage? i dont see the point in ur post? this is about a GUI, if u dont want a GUI then why dont u just leave this ?
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